Toby Keith

Toby Keith

Toby Keith has been adopted! From his foster pops: Over the weekend, Toby was adopted by the Wood family. They had been looking for a dog for many months and said once they saw Toby, they knew he was the one. It looks like he will be in good company and seeing that he loves kids, I think he will be a great companion for them all.

Please welcome 2 year old Toby Keith to our rescue family! He was surrendered to a local shelter. He weighs about 30 lbs and the biggest thing about him is his head! He’s as cute as can be. He’ll soon get his full vet check, but it appears he may have kennel cough.

4/6/17 Update: Toby Keith has left the clinic and is doing great. Stay tuned for an update from his foster.

4/13/17 Update:  Toby Keith is out of the clinic and showing his true self. He is such a small guy, but he is beginning to put on some needed weight. He is a ball of energy and perpetual motion. He thinks he is three times bigger than he is and that there is nothing he cannot accomplish. Yet he loves to stop and let you pet and love on him. He will even sing to you as Bulldogs have been know to do. After all, he is named Toby Keith! Everybody loves Toby Keith and he would love to come to your house for a private concert and brighten your day.

4/17/17 Update:  Hey guys! It’s Toby, checking in after enjoying Easter with my new foster family. Boy, it is fun here! They found that I have two levels. I’m either chasing a ball/squirrel around or cuddling and snoring. I don’t have much to talk about now, but here is a cute pic of me!

4/24/17 Update:  Hey guys, it’s me – Toby – checking in. So my foster family has found out pretty fast that I really love to play and am a fun and energetic guy. There are so many activities to do, and they sure do know how to wear me out. This week I was able to have some fun playing some disc golf, basketball and chasing after my little toy rabbit. I also got to work on my walking skills. At the end of the day, after being so pooped, I got to relax and snore by the TV!

5/14/17 Update:  Hey, Toby checking in again. After a couple of weeks with my foster family, I am finally settling in and getting used to my surroundings. I have found that as long as I have my bunny and my pillow (my foster parents keep calling it my binky for some reason) in my crate, I like being in there, all cozy for bed and when my foster family is away. As usual, I love playing outside with my basketball and Frisbee discs. Now, if only I could get used to being on a leash and not thinking it was a toy, that would be great. As for now, I’m still not going on walks, but have tons of energy chasing after my toys in the back yard with the other pups.