Toby Tyler

Toby Tyler

I have a new fur sister named Abigail and a new skin sister named Lindsey. But best of all, I have a new mom named Diana. She was in tears when she saw me. Diana is the lady dressed in black. She kissed me all over, told me how much she loved me and promised me that I would have a great life going forward. Diana told me about vacations, cook-outs and holidays, and how I was now a part of their family. My new fur sister Abigail got so excited, she had to go sit in the car and cool off. She was so tickled that she was going to have a new brother!

Well, that’s about all of my adoption day news, except there were a lot of hugs and a lot of happy tears. After the big meeting, my new sister and I loaded up in the back of the big black Cadillac SUV with the wind in our fur and we headed off to paradise. That’s a place I had never been before!

I am 4 years old and quite the small package, but quite the big deal! I had a family and then one day, I heard them say they were going on vacation… and not taking me. I was confused, but not surprised.

For a long time, my family had complained about how bad I smelled, especially my tail. Of course, my ears and my nose rope stunk too. I tried my best to keep myself fresh and clean, but I can’t reach all those parts on my own.

Thankfully, I ended up in the care of a dog rescuer named Patti. She was the coolest lady, with a huge heart for Chihuahuas. Patti also had some special needs Bulldogs who wear diapers. I felt out of place there, so I raised my paw and asked Patti to find me a Bulldog rescue and that is exactly what Patti did. Patti knew those Chihuahuas were bossing me around and running fast, all around me. I tried really hard to like them, but they did not like me. Maybe I was too good looking for them.

Well, anyway, I do have some medical issues that need to be addressed, but in the weeks to follow, you will see me overcome those issues and become even more amazing!