It has been 8 months in the making!

Toro and Smalls came into rescue back in August of 2020. These two lovable guys were so bonded they never seem to be more than 5ft apart. They sleep, eat, and walk together. They were lucky enough to run across a family that was looking for Bulldogs that were the lowest % adoptability. Toro and Smalls are senior Bulldogs that would only be adopted out as a pair. So we had only received one other application that seemed interested back in December.

It has been worth the wait for these guys. They are now entering a home with 2 smaller dogs that will keep them company. They have a long drive home and seem to be settling in nicely. We will send more pic updates over the next month. So happy for Toro and Smalls you will be missed!

Brothers, Toro and Smalls joined rescue today! 

Some say we are old, but they have not seen us run and play. After all, age is just a number. To us it is a state of mind. And our minds say we are still pups, so we act like it. We are both 9 years old.

Our family loved us very much and we have lived with them most of our lives. But they were losing their house and had no place to go. So they wanted to make sure we had a place to go and they contacted rescue.

I am Toro—the Bull. I am the bigger of the two (62 lbs.). I am in very good health, except for some hurting and rotten teeth. We both need to be neutered. Some say I have the world’s longest tongue, but I can get it all in my mouth if I want to.

Everyone says we are a blast to be around. We are just two happy and lucky guys looking for a new forever home. 

8/18/20 Update:  I left the vet clinic with my brother Smalls and we are loving life! We checked into our foster home, this magical place called Casa De Meza. I heard this was a special place, but I had no idea just HOW special. I walked in and my eyes were as big as mountains. Everywhere I turned, there was a lady Bulldog! My brother and I are in heaven, for sure. And these women are all about us! OK, I know I need to find my furever home, but I’m not gonna lie… if y’all take your time, I’m OK with that.🐶 I’ll check back in soon~ I gotta go!

11/20/20 Update:  The fall weather has come in, so I finally get to enjoy my mornings outside. I did a little yoga and walked the perimeter. Then, I decided the best thing to do was lay on foster dad’s tummy.

12/14/20 Update: Toro and Smalls have a convincing way to ensure you don’t get up from the couch. Foster Mom uses this excuse daily, so Foster Dad will get everything for her. She just couldn’t bare to disturb them.

1/5/21 Update:  As the easiest, bonded pair to care for, these two guys have hearts of gold. Our foster fail, Pooh Bear (right), used to lay next to our Bulldog Mystique who passed away on New Year’s Day. She now has been glued to the boys for comfort. They can tell the shift in our home and have been wonderful. They are grooming the girls and being their rock. So thankful to have these two in our foster home. Today will be a lounge around day with our pack.

3/2/21 Update: Yesterday, we had our 🐶Spaw Day!🐶 Foster Mom got us all clean and we loved getting dried off the best. We had eggs for breakfast and lounged around. We love relaxing Sundays. Brotherly love is what we have.