Tory May

Tory May

Oh, happy day! My dreams have come true. I found my forever home! Lance and Donna came up from Houston to meet me and I was so excited, I ran through Foster Dad’s legs when he opened the door and went out to greet them. My butt was just wiggling and I was jumping up on them, wanting attention. Foster Dad said he had never seen me act this way before. I knew these were my people and I was excited.

As my new mom and dad were buckling me in the car, I was wanting to get behind the wheel and take off to my new digs. As you can see, I was giving my new dad tips on driving and making sure he didn’t speed. He has precious cargo in back.

I will be the only dog and won’t have to share my attention and lovin’ with any other fur sibling. I’m going to love it. I can already tell I am going to be sooooo spoiled.

I know I am going to love my new home, but I want to thank Foster Mom and Dad for taking care of me, Dr. Larsen and her staff for making sure I was healthy and, last but not least, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for taking me in. You all are the best.

I have a very happy and a very sad tale to tell. When I was born, I was kept by the breeder and he didn’t treat me very well. A nice man found me and convinced the breeder to let him have me. That was just over a year ago and it was the best day of my young life! My new dad loved me so much. But in September, my happiness was stolen. My dad was murdered and I had no place to go.

Thankfully, my dad’s elderly parents stepped up to help me. I heard, “Tory, why don’t you just move in with us and be our girl?” I did and together, we all grieved the loss of my daddy.
However, life took yet another turn.

My new dad has cancer and is not doing well. He’s sick a lot and people can’t be around him. It is awful! My family said, “Tory, you know we love you, but we have so many problems right now, we just can’t give you the love, attention, care and exercise you need.” That’s when they found this rescue to help me.

Let me tell you a little about myself: I’m about 3 1/2 years old and only weigh 36 pounds. They say I need to gain some weight and I’m all for that. I have some sores on my skin where I have been scratching from allergies. I love kids and I love to go on walks.

I can already tell things are looking up for me. I’ve met some wonderful people and lots of dogs just like me. I still miss my old family—both of them. But I understand. I am looking forward now to the wonderful forever home and life they promised. Could that be with you?

5/20/20 Update:   I have been in my new foster home a couple of days. I’ve made myself right at home, met the resident dogs and we all get along just fine. I know that I am supposed to go outside to do my business, but I’m having trouble navigating that doggie door thing. Foster Dad keeps trying to get me to go through it, but I don’t know how to get my front legs up and over the ledge. I’ll figure it out eventually. So far, I get treats and lots of loving. I like treats and loving. I have a ferocious bark that makes me sound mean, but I only bark when I want attention. I am not a mean girl. I’ll give more updates later, after I settle in a bit more and figure this place out.

5/26/20 Update:  Yesterday, Foster Dad took me for a walk and I did really well on the leash. We walked for a long time and I was exhausted when we got back, so I took a nap.

I’m getting the hang of the new digs here and have met all the other resident dogs. No one bothers me and I don’t bother them … we all just do our own thing.

I am a little vocal when it comes to wanting attention. Foster Dad tells me I don’t need to bark because there is plenty of love and attention to go around. When I do bark, I may sound really mean, but I’m not… I’m a sweet girl, just lookin’ for some butt scratches.

Oh, by the way, I like chicken. Foster Dad snuck me some chicken and I really like the taste of that stuff. Not sure what chicken is, but it’s good.

Anyway, enough about me. Because it’s calling for rain all day, I’m going to spend some time browsing the applications and see if I can find my forever family. Have you gotten your application in yet? What are you waiting for? With all this rain, it’s not like you will be hanging out in the pool today, so get it filled out and submitted. Who knows~ we might be a match!