Well, hello all you bulldog lovers here we are Marley and Tut with our new family! That’s right, you read that right, we have both been adopted together by this crazy group!  

For the longest time we have worked at Bright Star Clinic. We have greeted everyone at the front door,  sat behind the counter, chased the cats up and down the halls and weaved our way into everyone’s heart who works there. Dr. Larsen in the back with the scrubs on with flowers has always loved us. Maddie in the green shirt gives us baths and makes us beautiful. Taylor in the black t-shirt makes us move out of the chairs up front so she can sit down, and Logan, well he’s the only dude at the clinic who carries us when we get too tired to walk!  Last but not least is our biggest fan. Her name is Heather.  Heather has gone the extra mile for both of us. She has loved us on the days we were not so lovable.  She has called us special, misunderstood, high maintenance, a pain in the ass,  and told us one day you will find a family!  Heather has kept us from meeting Jesus when we got out of control. She has calmed us down and has given us hundreds of treats trying to teach us to sit, be nice, and don’t fight. We must say she loves us the most. Always has, always will.  

It would be super hard for us to have ever left this family. After all, no one knows us better than this group right here.  So, today we have left our rescue family and we have punched the time clock with our new family. So, seeee ya later rescue! We got a lot more work to do with this amazing family right here. Love Marley and Tut!

Tut joins rescue the product of animal domestic violence. Tut and his fur sister drove hundreds of miles to relocate here where they would be safe from the x-husband. And Tut came with his own set of baggage.  Tut has lived under my bed for over a week. It’s like the “magic window” at meal time. I slide the food and water dish in, he eats and drinks, then he backs way up out of range and I pull the dishes out.  No matter how many times I tell Tut that no one will ever abuse him again he has been scared of everything.  Last night was a break thru. Tut came out of hiding and creeped around the house always staring looking for a reason to hide.  Cane’s Chicken brought Tut closer and closer to me.  He sat down, I hand fed him.  It was progress.  I put a harness and leash on him and we walked around the block.  He tried to have his way with Luna, but being the lady she is she made him cry and fall over. But he got back up by himself and accepted defeat.  Today Tut came to work with me, he shakes when he see’s a worker and barks if they try and talk to him. But Tut is a survivor and he will learn to trust, one day at a time.

Tut is 4 years old, can’t remember the last time he saw a vet, or had 2 people who loved him.

8/20/18 Update:  I’m excited to show off some photos from my photo shoot. Aren’t I handsome? Foster mum thinks so and tells me so all the time.

I’ve been doing well. You might remember me as being a little bit overprotective of foster mum. Well, she’s really pleased with my improvement. She’s been testing me very carefully, and I haven’t been giving her any problems when people have visited. I even showed her that I like children! All of this doesn’t mean that I necessarily trust everyone, but I’m trying. I’m still crazily attached to her, and I still have my separation anxiety. I’m not destructive or anything like that… I just cry and cry and cry. I wish she’d take me with her everywhere. There’s nothing I’d love more than to find a furever family who can involve me as much as possible in their daily activities.

Since my last update, I’ve accompanied foster mum on a couple of outings and behaved like a champ! (OK, aside from a poo I had in a living room, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!) I like car rides and get excited as soon as it looks like we’re going somewhere. I’ve been cohabitating with the resident Bulldog pretty well. Sometimes, I get possessive of bones and toys, but that doesn’t stop us from sleeping side-by-side. I’m a well-behaved little boy who’s easy to have around. Even if I have an accident once in awhile, I’d still say I’m house-trained. Foster mum says I’m undemanding and sweet and that it’s only a matter of time before my furever family find me. Hey, don’t forget to check out my photo shoot. Arf! Arf!

9/11/18 Update:  You might recall that I was overprotective of foster mum and was also a little skittish when strangers would come over. Well, guess what? I’m a new dog! I’m just like any other dog now when people come over. I greet them at the door with a happy smile and a nose ready to sniff them up and down. I think I’d know the difference, though, between someone foster mum invites over and someone breaking in the house. As for my separation anxiety, it’s also much improved although I do cry a little if I can hear foster mum in the house and I can’t get to her. I’ve completely acclimated to life here. I know I’m safe and can relax. Wow, does that feel good! I might take awhile to adjust when I reach my furever home, but I’ve shown that I will be the perfect little companion once I do.

I have to warn you though. All those bones and little squeaky things? Those are mine. All of them. All mine. I’ve explained this to the resident Bulldog-princess, but she doesn’t listen. I get mad when she takes my toys, and we have words. Aside from that, we get along well enough. To be honest, I usually just ignore her.

I love my walks, but you should know that, aside from those, I’m lazy. Really lazy. You might have noticed from all my photos. I love to snooze on the sofa most of all. Speaking of which, I’m starting to nod off now. I need a nap.