Tut comes to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue from a local SPCA.  He was found wandering in another jurisdiction and transferred to the SPCA when he was not reclaimed by his owner.  Tut waited but no one came for him….so sad.  BUT we are happy to have him and speed him on his way to a new life.  We think he is about 3 years old, he is very skinny right now but we can certainly fatten him up!  He LOVES his tennis ball and will play fetch as long as you will throw the ball.  When he gets the ball he will hide it under his chin and cover it with his paws so you can’t see it.  If you walk away as if not interested he will flip the ball toward you with his nose to get you to throw it for him again.  Tut will need some basic obedience and possibly help him with housetraining.  We really don’t know if he is housetrained but he seems like a smart guy and should pick it up quickly.  He will be evaluated in his foster home to see how he gets along with other dogs, kids, etc.

Do you have room for Tut?  He needs a loving home he can call his own.  His will be up to date on his vaccinations, neutered and on a heartworm preventative.  His adoption fee will be $500.

From his Foster family:

I should have known that Tut was special from the response he received at the SPCA.  I went to pick him up and everyone kept telling me how awesome and sweet he was.  They all came to say goodbye and made me PROMISE to send updates and pictures. He had definitely made an impact there.

Tut IS a VERY SPECIAL bulldog!!  He has a face that just makes you melt!  He is a big boy in height and length..not weight just yet..but we are working on that!  He just turned three in January.

Tut is a very active/athletic  bulldog!  He loves to play with his basketball, pushing it all around the house. He also adores his tennis balls, he will leap into mid-air to catch one.

He knows basic commands and is a great walker on his leash!!  In fact, he loves to take walks and unlike most bulldogs can walk a good distance.  Tut’s sleeping quarters are in our laundry room, yet he finds the chair in the living room suits him best.

Tut would probably do best as the only dog or with a very submissive counterpart.  He has done FANTASTIC with our son who is six!  He needs a family who has the time to spend with him because he is active and I can only image all the tricks he could learn.

The one thing Tut does that makes my heart smile is that he will be so excited to see you he falls at your feet and rolls onto his back to just have his tummy rubbed!  It doesn’t get any sweeter than that!  This big boy deserves a wonderful family!