Ty and Luca found themselves in the best place possible: in Steve’s lap.  

Steve is no stranger to rescue. He has been a supporter, follower, adopter and friend for many years. Steve has a heart for Bulldogs of any age. 

Steve has adopted Starsky and Hutch,  Bigum and Queenie, Spike, Ted E. Bear and now Ty and Luca.

Bigum was a senior when Steve adopted him and Steve pulled him around in a wagon. Bigum recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, which broke Steve’s heart.  

But nothing helps heal a broken heart like adopting another Bulldog or two and giving them amazing lives!  

Ty and Luca have moved to the farm and will be spending their time with lots of different farm animals.  

We wish these boys much happiness as they start their new chapters. Thank you for always choosing rescue, Steve!

When the rescue wagon rounded the corner, I knew they were coming for me and my friend, Luca. And we were ready to go. 

Some time back, our mom had hurt her back and that made taking care of us impossible. 

I am 2 years old and as cute and sweet as they come. I may need a little help learning to walk on a leash, but I am super smart. It won’t take me long to master that. 

I have a little something going on with my fur in a place or two, but with some medication and medicated baths, I’ll be looking perfect before you know it. Also, there will be a little surgery to help me lose my “loving feeling” for the ladies, but I am down with that.  

I will be sending some more pics later and you will be so surprised to see just how beautiful I am. I believe I’m one good looking Bulldog!  

Unfortunately we have learned that Ty tested positive for heart worms and will have to undergo treatment after a month of antibiotics.