Valentine (Now Valentina)

Valentine (Now Valentina)

Valentina, formerly known as Valentine, has a very special announcement: It’s official, I have been blessed with the perfect FURever family! Please put your tongues out 👅 and your paws 🐾 together and let’s celebrate! 🎉

It was amazing how my now FURever dad knew to start with my favorite booty scratches and my now FURever mom knew just how much I looooove belly rubs and cuddles. And what really warmed my heart was my now FURever fur brother, Napoleon, gave me my space and accepted me, for me. My Foster Ma told me from day one I was a special lady and I deserved nothing but the best, and guess what … I found the best!

Thank you, Roy 💗
Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue💗
Thank you, Dr. Larsen💗
Thank you, Foster Ma and Pops💗
Thank you, ALL!

Please welcome one of the saddest, thinnest Bulldog ladies rescue has ever seen. I have always wondered what would cause someone to stop feeding a dog they own… or why they would start neglecting a dog they once loved. That must have been what Valentine endured. An animal control officer was on Valentine’s street, looking for a stray, when Valentine’s owner came out and told the animal control officer to go ahead and take Valentine too. The owner “was over the Bulldog thing.”

When you look into Valentine’s eyes, you immediately know her life has been hard. She is just sad…. almost as if she’s given up on experiencing love. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger, Roy, Valentine is starting a new life. Roy picked up Valentine last night and drove through the night to get her to us. Valentine arrived curled up in a ball, in the front seat of Roy’s truck. Valentine seemed to know, for once, she was warm, safe and that better days were ahead for her. Roy, thank you for being Valentine’s superhero today!

Medical Update:  Unfortunately Valentine is heartworm positive!

3/22/18 Update:  Miss Valentine is doing great! She is putting on some much-needed weight. She is 3 years old and just as precious as can be. Her house manners are on point. She has had one accident, but that was really foster ma’s fault because she didn’t get out of bed fast enough.😉 She prances around the house and helps keep all these foster boys in line. She’s such a big help!

This week, Miss Valentine will have her heart worm treatment. She will then be on 30 days of rest to heal and get rid of those nasty worms. Keep her in your thoughts as she takes this final step before finding her forever family that she deserves more than anything!

4/8/18 Update:  This precious girl finished heartworm treatment last week and is back at the Gibbs Crib with her foster family, while she continues this amazing journey. Valentine is healing wonderfully and will continue to rest and heal for the next couple of weeks, while those nasty worms die. As she continues getting stronger, she wanted me to let you all know how truly grateful she is. She feels and acts like a new woman! She has a sassy pep in her step, twinkle in her eye, huge smile on her face and SO MUCH love in her heart to give. If you’re looking for a lifetime of love, apply to adopt today and paws crossed, you are a match! 💞