It’s no secret ~ I thought Valentino should have lived with me forever. Not bigger than a peanut, this Bulldog had me wrapped around his finger. And then it happened. Elizabeth, who had adopted my foster Zelda a year or so ago, wanted to add another Bulldog to their family. And Valentino was the one they had their eyes on. I knew Valentino was gonna to steal their hearts too.

And he did. It was love at first sight. Elizabeth brought her mother Cathy with her and there was no question. It was a Bulldog match made in heaven.

Valentino started kissing and licking Elizabeth and trying to climb in her purse. I know Valentino was afraid he was not going to get to go because he would not leave the ladies alone. Valentino forgot all about me, the treats in my pocket or the fact I loved him too.

I will surely miss this little fella, but I am so excited he got to move to Austin with Zelda and will have 2 kids to play with, and a senior Bulldog too. I checked in with Elizabeth just to see how much he missed me and Elizabeth said, “OMG! He is the best, loves the kids and loves Zelda, slept through the night and we are happy, happy, happy. Thanks to everyone so much for making this incredible bully match!”

Valentino found the most amazing forever and I am so happy he did.

Sing ZZ Top with me… because every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man! And here I am, ladies ~ Valentino is ready to be your valentine because I am one sharp-dressed man.

I bet you’re wondering how I found you ladies? Well, I was driving around in my little red truck and I realized that February was just around the corner. That is the month of love. That’s right… this Valentino is all about love. I thought I needed to stop in to Puckett’s Nursery, take some photos and let the ladies out there know I had joined rescue. That is where they could find me.

I am only 11 months old and some might say I am a little “thick.” Everyone else just says, “Valentino, will you be my valentine?” Or “Valentino, I love you. Do you love me?” It’s really hard to be me most days. I do have some medical needs that I will have addressed. After I see Dr. Larsen (who is going to love me too), I will report back with her findings. So be prepared. Stay tuned, crank up ZZ Top and sing it loud and proud. You know you want to….

2/4/19 Update:  Valentino did great and is on his way back to the vet clinic. His tonsils were HUGE… blocking 50% of his airway. Not any more! Palate resection went great. He does have a hypoplastic trachea, but it is stable and doesn’t collapse. It should not bother him now that the upper airway is open. Also, the doc did his eye and neuter. He played with his back legs a little and he doesn’t think there is an ACL issue. We just need to wait to see if his legs get better with time and exercise. He’s still young and growing.

2/27/19 Update:  I have some news to share after my outing this past Sunday at Northside Drafthouse and Eatery! Let’s just say I brought my “A Game” and I was the talk of the day. I really worked the crowd. I weaved in and out and I was having a amazing day until I found myself the victim oft three things.

Number 1
I was the victim of BULLYING! Yes, that is correct. A really big man said to me, “Hey, Dude ~ you sure are cute, but you forgot to grow. Your head is huge, but your body is tiny!” My foster mom quickly took care of that when she replied, “Hey, Dude ~ I see someone forgot to teach you manners because you can’t go around saying things like that!” He turned and walked away.

Number 2
Someone left a Bloody Mary on the ground and I was starting to help myself. After getting my feelings hurt, I needed a drink. But, nope. Foster Mom swooped me up and washed my mouth out with water in the bathroom. Foster Mom knows Bulldogs can’t drink alcohol. I thought it was just tomato juice.

And number 3
A really, really nice lady wanted to visit with me. I was all for that … until she started out the door with me. I was like, “Hey, where are we going?” Foster Mom came to the rescue. And, of all things, the nice lady said she thought I was FREE and she wanted to take me home with her. Free? Are you kidding me? I am worth my weight in GOLD!

Well, that about sums up my first public appearance. I will be super glad when I have my very own family. But for now, Foster Mom will keep her watchful eye on me to make sure I’m cared for, protected and loved.