Vinny has been adopted!  From his foster… I mean, FUREVER momma: One day, back in June 2017, we were looking at the Bulldog website and contemplated adding another Bulldog to our family. We already had two girls, RoseBud and Lady Violet, but we fell in love with a sad-looking, skinny, bald, brindle boy. He had been found wandering the streets in the heat of summer and the rescue group had named him Vinny.

We opted to foster instead of adopt because we thought we could help more dogs by fostering than just adopting one. When Vinny showed up at our door as our first foster dog, we had tears of joy. It was love at first sight for all. Vinny became the king of the house in one day.

He did get adopted a few weeks later, but unfortunately, Vinny was returned to our home within only a few hours. His new home was not the right fit after all. Here at Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, we only want what is in the best interest of our dogs, but his return made fostering a little more difficult. Through my tears, I asked myself, “Can I do this? I have to remember why I do this.”

We do this for the love and security of these strays and abandoned dogs. We do this for the beautiful dogs who come to us because of family crises. It’s been a long road. Yes, some days are not easy. Some days have tears of joy; some have tears of sadness. But I would not have it any other way!

They call us “Foster Failures,” but we are the winners. Please think about it and see if you might be available to help. These helpless fur babies really need your support.

Like so many before him, Vinny was found roaming the streets of a big city, was captured, and taken to the shelter. There he waited for a special someone to come and take him home. But no one came!  Vinny is not very good looking right now. He is missing half of his hair because of infections from flea bites. He was also covered with ticks. And he will need eye surgery. Most people will not take on that responsibility for an older dog, but we are glad to do it.

Vinny is approximately 7 years old, and only weighs 47 pounds. His eyes, ears and skin are a mess, but he will soon blossom into a beautiful Bulldog. He has been sweet around adults, children and other dogs.

7/17/17 Update:  Our first foster Vinny is going to steal a family’s heart.

Day 1
Vinny enjoyed the car ride to his B & B foster home. He settled in very well and had no issues with his foster sisters Lady Violet &
Rosebud. Lady Violet thinks she is the Queen and the King has arrived. 
He is very charming and curious about everything. He is an active boy that loves the toy box. He’s very polite and follows every move you make. He is not interested in a nap, nor is he a guard dog as he slept right though Mr. B’s 3 a.m. arrival from work! He does bark at shadows and things outside the window. He tried to jump in the tub & thought he would check out the walk in shower well. He did this at least 5 times last night, so I went in the shower and he just looked at me as if to say, “Where is the water?” So I gave him a little medicated shower and he was in heaven and didn’t want me to stop. He was out for the count in my lap, while snuggling. After I moved him, he slept from 11 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. in the exact same spot & position. He snores lightly. He has already shown us his manners and sits for a treat & walks well on the leash. Just say, “let’s go potty” and he is happy to go out. After he has done his business, we walk back & he scratches at the door, like someone’s inside to let us in. He takes his medications with no issues. He has a voice and tried to tell you a story when you pet him. He would love to jump on the furniture, but he can’t do it because of his lack of strength. If you get too close, you better be ready for some love as he will put his nose right in your neck. He’ll give you lots of kisses and then try for the hickey. You just say “gentle” and he calms down. He listens very well.

Day 2
We had a very playful day, which included a pool party. We will follow up with videos soon.

7/23/17 Update:  Vinny had a very fun-filled week. During the few days, Vinny was very active. On day 4, he learned he better take a nap. I think he was just so excited to be loved and fed, he didn’t want to close his eyes unless he was in your lap. He cannot jump on the furniture or do stairs very well. His back legs seem to give out every once in a while, but can run and play hard. He loves his spa treatments and is looking so much better every day. Vinny does not like to be locked in his crate (or his “room,” as we call it). He will let you know about it if you close the door. He will cry hard. Mr B was a softy and couldn’t stand the crying so he did a little test and let him hang with the girls for a short while. When he returned, Vinny was fast asleep in his room. Vinny is a momma’s boy, just wanting cuddles and kisses. He doesn’t seem very interested in kids. He just ignores them, but we will have another test with children tomorrow. He has enjoyed the visitors and has the best Bulldog manners we have ever seen. Vinny is such a great guy, full of love just wanting to please you in every way.

8/29/17  Update:  It was a very happy yet sad day for Vinny three weeks ago. We thought Vinny had found his forever family.  He had a great meet & greet and a perfect ride to his new home but his new sister a beautiful bulldog was not very nice to him once he entered her turf.   Unfortunately he came back to our B & B within 1 1/2 hours a totally different Vinny with a few war wounds which have now healed nicely. This was heart breaking for everyone. We have had a few behavioral issues since his return. Day by day we are seeing him become the Vinny that first came to us. Vinny has a nick name , Bambi due to his back legs buckling be hide him when he first stands up; we have been enjoying aqua therapy & we are seeing a difference  he just cant seem to get enough of  water. This is your perfect senior boy as sweet as they come.

9/3/17 Updates:  Vinny has been under the weather this week, foster momma was happy she was on vacation to stay home and tend to me. I’ve had an ear infection with a little fever that has just made me want to sleep and hang in my man cave, or find a spot away from the action . I’m not happy that my water therapy has stopped it’s on hold until my ears get better. Everyone is taking care of me and my  foster sister is showing me extra love.

9/10/17 Update:  It’s been another quiet week for Vinny. This ol’ guy has been taking it easy. He’s not very interested in a walk or a car ride this week. His infection is looking better and his eye drops are helping with his minor cherry eye popping in and out. He seems much more comfortable and decided he would play a bit. It was a happy moment for us, as we were missing the happy guy we first met. He still won’t touch the giggle ball he loved, but he decided today he would enjoy the company of the stuffed tiger. Vinny’s pleasure is hanging with the skin folk; just being your shadow or taking a good snooze.

9/17/17 Update:  Vinny got  to do what he loves best  this week, he was back in the pool doing his water therapy . This treatment changes his whole personality to Mr Happy with peep in his step.  When not in the water he is a  slow paced shadow that doesn’t move very fast , he does think he is lap dog. He is a leaner & a licker. He has to be close to you and lean on you or be licking you. Vinny prefers to stay away from the craziness of the young ones skin people & fur people. He would much rather stay close and quiet next to a grown up.

10/1/17 Update:  Big Vinnie here checking in. I’ve been chillin with my foster sibling but Saturday I got to check out a brunch at County Services what a fabulous time that was . Thank you Country Services we all had a great time!  I enjoyed the toys & the cool floor just being an observer. I do love to chill , I sometimes get a little spurt of energy to roll a ball around,   Im a ole guy that goes with the flow, enjoys a tad of sun bathing & lots of cuddles. If you missed the event Saturday you sure missed a good time and don’t want to miss the next one. If you are looking for a bulldog kid to join your family you will want to attend Lone Stars upcoming events to me meet me & all my foster  brothers & sisters.   Oh got to go it’s shower time & I love it!

10/8/17 Update:  Ok PEEPS… get busy and fill out the adoption application. I got another foster brother today here at my B & B. Don’t get me wrong… life is good here, but it sure would be nice if we could get our own place.

10/15/10 Update:  Having a relaxing time Chillin at the B & B. Waiting on the perfect meet & greet. Foster momma has been working on the perfect Costume for our up coming Bull-O-ween party. I sure hope to meet you there if not before. I may not look impressed but truth be told I enjoy hats & I’m happy to try on all the costumes.

12/3/17 Update:  Vinny seems to be slowing down a bit and just enjoying quiet time in a comfy corner or on your lap. He thinks he is the boss of the toy box and will state his claim, but continues to be a very sweet boy with his fur sibling in the B & B. His favorite past time is a tummy rub or enjoying a long bath. If the Guinness Book of World Records had such a record, you giving him the longest tummy rub could be his goal.

12/10/17 Update:  Still hanging at the B & B and life is comfy. My preference is to be in a quiet place without too much excitement. I am a momma’s boy… and I’m a very good boy. Just so you know: I’m slow. In fact, I’ve been told to “hustle up a bit with that shuffle.” Summer time is my favorite time. I was more active when I was enjoying my water therapy. The warm water on my back legs is probably my most favorite thing. I’d stay in the shower until it gets cold if Foster Momma would let me. Winter has set in and I’ve become less active… I’m very happy to just lay around. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m still a great shadow if you’re in the kitchen. I do love to eat! One thing I am not is a guard dog. When I’m asleep, I’m in a deep sleep. When I try to get on the sofa, my back legs don’t give me much help… I always need a boost.

12/17/17 Update:  Melatonin gummies and wearing a T-shirt when I go outside seemed to do magic, as my hot spots are now gone. I enjoy my naps and being your shadow. I don’t miss out on a crumb when I am with you in the kitchen. I’m just a laid back, lazy, lovable old guy, that has not broken the licking habit. I think Foster Mom has given up on saying “no,” as it’s my way of showing love. Yes, and let’s not forget how much I love ice cubes… almost as much as my baths . I did get a spa day yesterday with my new oatmeal coconut shampoo. I love my long hot showers. Thank you again, Santa Paws, for all the treats I really enjoyed that shampoo!

1/7/18 Update:  I have become the leader of the pack and become a bit bossy. I want what everyone else might have, but I just want to check it out and then they get it back. I have been sharing my voice a lot lately. I have morning chats with the squirrels at the front window. They tease us all by playing hide and sneak around the tree trunk.

I like to be in the know and be your shadow. I tend to be right next to you when you’re moving or under Foster Mom’s feet when she is working in her studio. I am your sous chef if you are in the kitchen and I love my naps… most of my days are spent napping. I will pace and let you know when it’s bedtime. I’m the sweetest, relaxed, slow-moving ol’ fella and I know how to blow bubbles for treats!

2/4/18 Update:   It’s me, Vinny. You know the one with the cute teddy bear face! Just looking to see who’s out there that would love a big, beautiful ol’ boy. That’s me.  My time at the B and B has been super, but I am still hoping to find my forever home. I have lots of fur sisters here and they’re the best. I love all dogs and kids, but if you don’t have any, that will be OK, too. I don’t jump on anything, but can sit on your lap if you help me up. I know where and when to go to the bathroom. And I like to go for walks and car rides. I love toys… the toys here at the B and B are all mine, at least that’s what I say.

If you look at my pictures, you’ll know I am truly just a big ol’ beautiful boy. Sometimes my foster mom calls me Mr. Vinny. I like to follow her around the house just in case she has a treat for me. If you see my face, I know what you’re thinking, “Sweet boy.” Well, I sure hope you have submitted an application to adopt a dog. I hope you get matched to me! I look forward to seeing you all at our event next Sunday, Feb. 11 at Cold Beer Company. Check out our Events tab for more details. I’ll be there around 1 p.m.