This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for…. WASHINGTON HAS BEEN ADOPTED!
It has been a long road for this sweet boy. He has come so far since September when he entered rescue. Washington had his big day today and finally met his forever family. He was excited to meet them and showed off with all his charm when they came to visit. He will be spoiled rotten in his new home and will go to work each day with his new owners, so he won’t be lonely.
Congratulations, big boy! You are loved by so many!
Belle Bader writes: Our family had way too many dogs and somebody needed to leave. I’m not sure if we were chosen and if they thought we volunteered, but we were the ones who ended up at the shelter. Thankfully, we soon heard we may get a better future, thanks to rescue. I’m just glad Washington and I could stay together because we go everywhere together.
I am 4 years old, 69 lbs and I’ve had a few puppies. Dr. Larsen says I am in good shape and shouldn’t need a lot of work done. I do want to get rid of these tear stains in my face wrinkles, though. Everyone talked about how active and loving I am.
Washington is 2 years old and a big boy, weighing in at 72 pounds. He also has those nasty stains in his face wrinkles. He has some skin issues and his ears are infected, but we know Dr. Larsen will help get all those fixed.
You should know: Washington’s a momma’s boy. He doesn’t like me to get out of his sight. When we got to the clinic today, I let out a little whimper when they were examining me and poor Washington thought they were hurting me. He tried to run to protect me, but a man held him back. I know he just wanted to check on me. I’ll admit ~ I also cried a little bit when the vet staff took Washington to get a bath without me. I guess we both love each other… a lot.
Anyhoooo, you can see why we hope we can stay together, be fostered together and be adopted together. We heard it has happened before, so we feel certain it will happen for us too. How would you like to have us in your family?
10/2/20 Update:  Most know Washington was very bonded with his mother, Belle Bader. Belle passed suddenly yesterday following complications during surgery. He had a very restless night and had to be sedated.
This morning, he started out a little slow and grumpy, but got better throughout the day. Staff spent a lot of extra time with him and let him play outside. I spent about 30 minutes with him this afternoon. He moved around the yard, but he kept looking around. I think I know why. He and Belle always went outside together!
He will get lots of extra love and attention. He is ready to leave the vet clinic and move into his foster home.
12/14/20 Update:  I wanted to send a quick update on Washington.  He has been at our house for almost two weeks.  He is incredibly docile and calm.  He is house trained and well behaved.  He gets along well with our children and walks well on the leash.  He does, however, have some significant separation anxiety.  For those of you who remember Washington’s back story, this comes as no surprise.  He is a delightful pup, but he does not like to be in a crate or left alone.  This poor guy has never really been alone before, so it’s certainly an adjustment for him.  With the help of Heather, Dr. Larsen and Janell, we have made some changes to try and help this poor guy out.  He now stays in a small room in our house instead of the crate while we’re at work.  He also has some meds to help calm him down so his anxiety is not so bad while we are away.  We are slowly seeing some improvements.  He enjoys sleeping on his big comfy bed in front of the warm fireplace!  How can anyone not love that sweet face?!?
12/29/20 Update:  Hi Bulldog Friends!  It’s Washington here.  Life is always interesting when I’m around.  I’m a big lover and I’m mostly calm and gentle.  I do have some anxiety issues that my foster parents are helping me through.  I don’t like it when my humans leave the room or leave me alone in the house.  Because my anxiety gets the best of me at times, I’m still working on my Bulldog manners.  Foster mom bought me a “thunder jacket” and she says it’s to help keep me calm.  I don’t always love wearing the jacket as you can see by the look on my face in the photo.  I did great on Christmas morning with all the chaos, as you can see in the picture of me sleeping in the wrapping paper.   My humans had family members over to visit and I mostly behaved myself.  Mostly.  I don’t see what the big deal is if I snatch a piece of bacon from someone’s hand. Bacon is delicious, can you blame me?!?  I will need a family who is willing to be patient with me and help me learn the rules of being a good Bulldog.

1/18/21 Update:  I’ve been having some lazy days in my foster home. My favorite spot is right in front of the fireplace, where I can snuggle up, snore and sleep.

I did have an interesting encounter while on a walk this week. A complete stranger ran up to me and said, “Hey, is that Washington?” She knew me from all the Facebook posts and following my rescue group. I didn’t know I was so famous!

Hope you enjoy the pictures my foster mom is sending. I’m pretty irresistible, huh?

2/16/21 Update:  I’m doing well in my foster home and enjoying the warmth of the indoors.

I took a trip to Puckett’s Nursery last weekend and had my picture taken by a nice lady. Other humans there knew my name and said hello.
Life in my foster home is going great. I have settled into a routine and I do well dealing with my separation anxiety now. You all should be very proud of me…. I don’t cry anymore when my foster mom and foster dad leave for work. I know they’ll be back soon!
I enjoy treats, playing with my toys and naps. Lots and lots of naps. I even help my foster mom in the kitchen sometimes and get curious about what’s in the cupboards.
I loved playing out in the snow today.  Stay warm, Bulldog friends! Until next time.
2/24/21 Update:  Am I not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I’m just like a big teddy bear. My humans lost power last week, but I’m a great snuggler and helped keep everyone toasty warm. I’m very calm and sweet. If you need a lazy Bulldog who just wants to hang out and chill, I’m your guy!
3/30/21 Update:  We have had an exciting couple of weeks with our foster, Washington. He has been with us since early December and has made HUGE improvements. We are so proud of him! He is like an entirely different dog. As some of you know, we discovered that Washington gets along with other dogs. Since finding this out, we decided to add another foster dog in our home. We welcomed sweet Xena J and she’s fitting right in. She and Washington are getting along great. Both dogs are as sweet as can be!
4/5/21 Update:   Washington continues to thrive in his foster home. We have seen nothing but wonderful things from this sweet marshmallow of a pup. He is getting along great with his foster friend, Xena J. He is a fantastic snuggler, if you can handle the snoring.