Wiggles has been adopted by a wonderful Bulldog family from Huntsville!  She is a sweet and loving girl, whom we knew would not last long in Rescue.  We are sad to see her go but happy that she found such a devoted fur ever family. It is uncanny how prescient these Bullies are about adoption.  Wiggles was so excited that when her new Mom and Dad came to the door, she dribbled on the floor, in several places no less, something out of character for her.   Do ya think she was excited?

Here she is with new fur brother Sherlock.  She and her new fur brother, Sherlock, are both quite the inquisitive types. They will room with older Bullie brother Tex, a more introverted type.

This little ditty expresses our emotions at every adoption.

Away I rode off, with a piece of your heart;  As my adoptive family gave me a new start;  But I heard you exclaim, with a tear in your eye;  Fare thee well dear Bullie, but never goodbye

Everybody calls me Miss Wiggles. There I was, living in a house with a bunch of other dogs. Then these people showed up and took us all to a shelter. I was still surrounded by dogs, but they were new ones I did not know. Then this man showed up and took me all by myself and loved on me and promised it was all going to get better.

We went to the vet where I met several new dogs, but they were Bulldogs just like me. I was so excited. I showed everyone why my name is Miss Wiggles! I am only 3-and -a-half years old I’m in good health.

I love being around people and other dogs. After all, I have spent my whole life around all kinds of dogs. I hope to go to a foster home really soon and they can tell you more about me. A fine girl like me doesn’t like to brag too much, but I am pretty special. I hope you give me a chance to show you just how special I am.

12/22/18 Update:  Hello Bullie world, Miss Wiggles here and what an eventful time it is. On Friday, I checked out of the Doc shop and into my foster family doggie digs & diner.   At Christmas time, they found room for me in their inn.  I sashayed into their hearts, met three other resident Bullies, and am already a cherished family member.  This way station is A-OK with me; love is everywhere, I am safe, comfortable, and the food is “eatin’ good in da ‘hood”.  We revel in off menu meat snacks, have day and night beds, toys, and get love the live long day – cool!

My Dogtor told my new foster mom that I am healthy but “full figured”.  Wassup wit dat?  I consume, not counts calories.   OK, I will start my diet tomorrow.  Wait, maybe after the holidays.  Do I have sista-solidarity on this commitment? Fur sisters tell me that Rescue is the best thing that can happen to a Bulldog until a fur-ever family finds us.  Huh, find me-here I am.

I am quite the head turner, what with all my with all my lady charms, but I have many more qualities than beauty.  My laid back temperament makes me ideal for many adoptive families.  I get along with other dogs and would make a great addition to your family.  Does your family have kids who like to play with dogs?  Check out the videos of me playing ball in centerfield. Foster peeps are working with me on potty protocols.  I had some food issues at the Doc shop but these are mostly in my behind (little Bullie humor there).  I want to please my peeps so stay tuned for a progress report.

Merry Christmas and tidings of comfort and joy.  There are 12 days if Christmas so you could still find me under your tree if you hurry.   Even after that comes Orthodox Christmas.  My peeps say that I won’t last long here so get your app in soon.

P.S.  Dear Santa Paws, thank you for the gift of Rescue.  I know that you are busy now, yet you gave me an early gift of Rescue.  LSBCR has put me on the path to a happy new life in a fur-ever home.  Bull dog hugs, kisses, and slobber.  I love you, Santa Paws and LSBCR peeps.

Miss Wiggles

1/3/19 Update:  Hello Bullie world, and a special Howdy-do to potential adoptive families. These year-end feast days demand delicious digestive delights!  Foster peeps created special Wiggles Wassails for me with fruit treats as I am off meat for a while. Trimming down to beach bod mode is my New Year’s resolution. Who’s with me?

I love luxuriating on the Queen’s thrown. She was not around, and no one told me I couldn’t, so I tried it out – super comfy.  I yearn for the day when I graduate from visiting princess here to fur-ever queen in your home. My beautiful visage means that I am looking for you!

My fur sisters here have helped me adapt. We dine in two sessions, and alternate in pairs going outside to do our business, at which I am much better. With my improved potty behavior, I have free run of the house. Foster parents are evaluating me so that I find the best fur-ever home. Sometimes I hang out in my She Shed and often come sucking around for attention.  Love, tasty nutrition, safety and security… working for a living is an over rated pursuit for us Bullies. I would rather play ball in the back yard.

When these foster parents say that I will not last long at this BnB, that means you should hurry to  “Come see about me”.