Willow’s dream came true yesterday ~ she was adopted! She will have not only a new mom and dad, but she will also have a skin brother, Max, and a fur sister, Maia. We are going to miss this sweet girl, but we are so excited for her. She now has playmates! The boring boys in this house didn’t like playing with her because they are old! We can already tell Max and Willow will be BFFs and with a little more warming up, Maia and Willow will have the best playtimes.

We can’t wait to hear about all the love and fun this amazing new family will have!

Hey everyone it’s me, Willow, joining rescue today!  I have been counting the days because I heard I was leaving the shelter on Sunday. And here I am!  So far I have had a bath, jumped out of the tub and took off running down the hall. I had lunch, and now I am barking in my crate because I would like to be out with people! I know you see that I have some stuff going on with my skin that I could not help.  But I have some medication, and I am already feeling better.  I will tell you I have a slight cough, and I do itch, and my ears look a little red, but nothing compared to how I felt when my new friend wanted to trim my nails.  I LOVE my long nails, these nails are made for scratching. Tomorrow I am off to see Dr. Larsen and she is going to hug me and tell me I am beautiful even without a lot of fur. And I am going to let her trim my nails!

10/21/18 Update:  Foster girl Willow had so much fun at Bull-O-Ween. She was so busy in the merchandise stand, selling all the cool things and being all cute.

10/30/18 Update:  Just thought I would share some likes and dislikes so all my potential furever families know what to expect.

Playing (playing with people is more fun than toys)
Chewing on bones!
Dressing up pretty!
Other dogs (even though the boys in my foster home don’t love me as much as I love them, but what do they know. They are old)

Mornings (I am NOT a morning person. Foster Mom says I looks so cute when she wakes me up at 5 a.m. I DO NOT LIKE IT.)
The word NO (because I am still young, I hear that word all the time, but I am a very fast learner)
Eye drops (don’t get me started)

My foster parents love me so much and I just love the attention I get. Foster Mom says I’m sassy, but I don’t agree. I am still very puppy-like and have a lot to learn, but I promise I will try my hardest to make you happy and smother you with kisses.

11/7/18 Update:  Willow has found herself a vacation home while her foster mom and pop are traveling Down Under visiting family. We just love this young girl and she wasted no time learning to play with all her foster brothers and sister. She is doing great with our dogs. She walks well on a leash. She is still very much a puppy, so beware of her jumping up and making herself at home on the furniture.

There is one bad habit she has that we are working on. She loves to grab the other dogs by the collar and try to drag them around. But she gets better each day, and with a firm “No,” she will release. She still has some nearly bald areas, but they are so much better than when she entered rescue. She gets twice weekly medicated baths for a while longer. And she gets plenty to eat as we are trying to put a few more pounds on her. In the meantime, she is just hanging out and enjoying playing with all the younger dogs.

11/27/18 Update:  I am back in my foster home after my Foster Mom and Dad’s trip and although I love it here, I really miss playing with all the boys at my vacation home. The boys here don’t like to play with me. They are sooooooo boring! Foster Dad gets down on the floor with me and acts like a Bulldog so we can play and that is so much fun. I love cuddling with Foster Mum in front of the fireplace too. I told her my Christmas wish is to find a furever family with fur brothers or sisters.