Winston has been Adopted! This sweet boy hit the jackpot Saturday. He was so excited when we got out of the car, but once he saw his Furever Momma and Dad walk across the parking lot, he went crazy! It was love at first sight for sure. His Momma sent us updates last night, and he is settling in well with his sisters, and showing off his bad manners! We will miss this little tornado around the house.. it has definitely been very awkwardly silent the past few nights to say the least. Foster Ma and Pa wish you the best of luck Winny! We know you will loved and spoiled like you should be.

Please welcome Winston to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. At 1 1/2 years old, I would say he’s just about perfection! It was lot’s of goodbye tears when his mother, a full-time student, had to leave him. But she knew she was not the family Winston wanted or needed. Winston has never missed a vet visit and is current on everything… So he’s already in tip-top shape!

8/16/16 Update: Winston, AKA Sir Winston Barks A Lot, is an absolute doll! He has his moments where he is a maniac, and is a 100 mph tornado ripping through the house, but he is only 1 1/2 years old. He is still a puppy, and he shows it. Everything goes in his mouth, he gets into things he is not supposed to, and he is rowdy. But, when he does settle down, and his energy is expelled, he loves to cuddle and is an absolute sweetheart. He loves toys, he ABSOLUTELY LOVES WATER, and he loves treats. He will sit, and give you a high five for a treat! How cool is that?! He gets along great with other dogs, and loves to chase them around. It would be best if his furever family has older kids, because he is a little rough, and has that bulldozer personality when he is in his playful mood. He is pure perfection and a lot of fun, and was very well taken by his past owner. There will be more shenanigans to come from this guy! STAY TUNED!

8/21/16 Update:  Sir Winston Barks Alot is such a ham. This boy is still his hyperactive self, with no other gear than Go Go Go! I do not think this guy ever lays down and just chills. He had a little bit of a tummy bug this weekend, and that still did not slow him down! Winston gets bored, and will table surf, and counter surf, and look for things to get into. We have introduced new toys this weekend, and it has kept him busy for now. You can not throw his rope or bone and ball enough times for him, your arm will give out and he is still wanting more! He loves attention, and loves to play. We had visitors this weekend, and he did great having new people around. You could tell when they got here his reaction was “OH! New people to pester and play with!” He is a super sweet boy who would do best with a family with older kiddos. He truly is a good boy and will make a great companion with a active fun loving family.

9/5/16 Update:  Oh Sir Winston.. This little guy is such a clown. He is ready to play at any given moment, and will play you out. If you have ever watched the movie UP, he is the dog that says SQUIRREL!!!!! He has a lot of “squirrel” moments. He is always a constant blur running through the the house. This guy never runs out energy! He is potty trained, and will scratch and bark at the door when he wants out. He then proceeds to run circles around the yard. This guys runs and plays and eats, and then repeats. He is such a great boy, who would do great in a house with older kids and anyone who loves to play. He is great with other fur kids, and would love a playmate to run and chase. He is full of bully shenanigans and it is never a dull moment around the house.