Winston G

Winston G

This little dude hit biggest jackpot of them all with his new family. They are the sweetest! Winston G. came down with kennel cough the original week he was supposed to be adopted and we had to put it on hold. But the family FaceTime’d him to check in every single day until today arrived. The moment they all met, Winston G. acted like he had been a part of their family all along, and walked right out and hopped into the car, like he knew where he was going. Winston G. will go on to live the best life ever, and that makes this foster momma’s heart very happy.

Howdy folks! Name’s Winston. I’m new to this rescue. I’ve read about some of the others here, so I guess I’d say I’m a lucky one. No sad stories here. My family loved me lots and took good care of me. I was their baby boy!

My daddy’s job made me have to spend too much time alone or at the doggie daycare or at the vet or at boarding …. you get the picture! With all of this away time, he knew I was getting lonely, so he made the call to get me a better life – that’s why I’m here. Everyone of these rescue folks has been so nice. They give me treats, hugs, kisses, pets and I JUST LOVE IT! I can sit, come, do my business outside, ride in a car, sleep in a bed or go in a crate. I’m pretty much perfect.

I’m told ‘this perfect boy won’t last long,’ but I’m not sure what they means. Anyway, it’s so nice to meet y’all. Stay tuned for more updates about me.  👅🐾 Winston G.

6/18/19 Update:   Y’all, this sweet, precious mug is stealing Foster Ma’s heart! If you look ever so closely, you will see a slight hint of spaghetti that was left behind from a quick snack that the mini human gave him… the mini human couldn’t even resist that look! This boy is as sweet as they come, and he is going along great here with us. We picked him up Saturday from the Bulldogs and BBQ event at Courtesy Nissan, and he fell pretty fast for Foster Pa. We made a few stops along the way back home, and he would cry and whimper for Foster Pa until he came back. He is potty trained, just a few “accidents” here and there. He is submissive and gets along great with our older, grumpy brats, I mean pack 😉. All in all, he is pretty perfect, and he has an approved family interested in him already. Fingers and paws crossed they fall in love as fast as Foster Ma has!