Foster boys Woodhouse and Shiner are now fur siblings forever. They have another fur brother, Bentley and fur sister, McKenzie, along with mom and dad.

Woodhouse writes: Shiner and I were both being fostered in the same house and became best friends. A family was interested in adopting me and, as you know, I am quite shy and timid, so I asked Foster Mom and Dad, “What about my buddy, Shiner?”

When my new family found out we were buddies, they just couldn’t split us up so now we are forever brothers.

When we got to the new family’s house, I wasn’t shy at all. I just jumped right in with the other dogs and wanted to play. I even rolled over and let my new dad rub my belly.

Shiner took off running around the yard, making friends with the resident Bulldogs and having fun…he’s such a puppy! He got put in his place by the queen, McKenzie. She just wanted to let him know she was the boss. Our new mom and dad fell in love with us immediately…of course, who wouldn’t? We are going to love it here.

McKenzie and Bentley said we were going to some place called San Antonio tomorrow, where we will have a big backyard to run and play in and chase each other. We can’t wait to see it and get settled in to our new digs. Bentley told us he was adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue a few years back and he would show us the ropes of the new place. He said we just need to relax and have fun because we are family now. Both Shiner and I want to thank Lone Star for taking such good care of us and helping us find our forever home.

From Woodhouse and Shiner’s foster parents: It is always bittersweet to see a foster dog leave the house, especially when a dog comes in that was so timid and scared like Woodhouse. The changes we saw in him over the last month were amazing and when he met the new family and dogs, he knew these were his people. He wasn’t shy or afraid at all. He just blended right in with the rest of them.

Shiner came into our home, full of energy and with no manners. To see the change in him, from being a rowdy puppy to a somewhat well-mannered dog, was amazing. He’s still a puppy, full of energy, but has learned a great deal. Both of these dogs will be happy with their new family and fur siblings. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

It was a sad day when my mom had to drop me off with rescue. You see, these economic times make it hard and everyone needs to set priorities. She and I had a talk and I told her maybe it was best if I went to rescue where they would take care of me. She was crying and I was sad as she left, but this is for the best.

Not long after she left, this nice man and woman came and took me to their house where they loved on me and told me everything was going to be OK. I know there are other Bulldogs in the house because I heard them, so maybe someday I will get to meet them.

A little about me: I am a big, strong boy, but I am scared of everything. I tend to cower down when I hear strange noises and I am very timid. It took this nice man and woman quite a while to coax me out of my kennel where I had my favorite blanky, but I finally came out and let them love on me. Right now, I don’t know how I will be with other dogs or children. Let me calm down and settle into a routine and I’ll get back to you on that.

On Monday, this nice man is going to take me to see someone named Dr. Larsen. He said she and her staff are super nice and will give me some love and kisses. He also said she will check me out 😲 and make sure I’m in good shape. I am in good shape, if round is a shape. Sure, I might need to drop a few pounds and exercise more. All you quarantined folks can probably relate.

Anyway, I’m off to take a nap so I can start my new adventures. Stay tuned to this channel for more updates on me. Adios.

4/17/20 Update:  Hello all you Bullie lovers.  My name is Woodhouse but people call me Woodie for short.

So I told you about how I came to rescue and the nice people took me to see Dr. Larsen, who, by the way is really cool.  I was loved on and spoiled by the staff and they took care of me.  Well, it gets better.  The nice man came back and got me the other day and said something about being my foster dad, took me to his place and I met foster mom.

Let me tell you what, this place is scary for a timid boy like me but I am learning that these people really want to help me be a brave boy.  I have seen some of the other dogs here and maybe one day we will all be buddies but right now I kinda stay to myself until I get a little more comfortable.  Foster mom and dad let me come out and roam around the house although I don’t stray to far from either of them.  I’m kinda clingy.  They bought me a new harness and collar which I thought was cool and foster dad took me for a walk so I could show it off.  I was scared of the big world out there but I’ll learn.

I think I might like staying here for a little while until I get over some of my fears but I will continue to keep you posted on my progress.

4/26/20 Update:  Woodhouse is very shy and timid, but is slowly coming out of his shell. He was too shy to provide an update so he asked me to do it for him.

He is a big, loving cuddly boy and needs lots of patience to work through some of his fears. He has learned to play in the water and with some of the other resident foster Bulldogs. He gets scared by loud noises and sudden movements, but recovers quickly and joins back in the fun. He is weary of strangers and will approach with extreme caution.

Woodhouse is a good boy, listens well, loves his walks and belly rubs. He loves to be around people he is comfortable with. It took a couple of days for him to come around us and want to be with us.

He’s not ready for adoption just yet, but he is making progress every day. Keep watching for more updates on his progress. We’ll be working to match him to the perfect family, so don’t forget to submit your application!