Xena J

Xena J

Oh, happy day for Xena J! She just jumped the car with a wonderful furever family to start her new life. This sweet girl will be loved and spoiled just as she deserves. Xena was showing her love with plenty of kisses for everyone. Best wishes for a great future together.

My name is Xena J. After the warrior princess and the lady who found me and saved my life. Last year Julie found me wandering on a country road. I was nasty, flea bitten, starving and my nails and teeth were ground down like you would expect for a dog who  had been in a wire cage on concrete. She took me to the vet to see if I had a microchip—and I did! But my old family never bothered to update their information, so no one could contact them. I am probably better off.

Julie and her family cleaned me up, had me get all my shots and posted me everywhere they could think of, but still no one came. So after a year of looking and 20 pounds of much needed weight later, they decided it was time to join rescue. They had several dogs of their own and I knew it was never going to be my permanent home.

I am four years old and now weigh 54 pounds. While my body looks pure bulldog, my nose not so much. I am not really sure about that. But I have always thought I was a purebred bulldog and acted like it. Dr. Larsen will give me a complete physical and a dental and I will soon be off to my foster family. I get along with everyone and everything. 

I cannot wait to fine my true forever family who will never let me go!

3/30/21 Update:  We have had an exciting couple of weeks with our foster, Washington. He has been with us since early December and has made HUGE improvements. We are so proud of him! He is like an entirely different dog. As some of you know, we discovered that Washington gets along with other dogs. Since finding this out, we decided to add another foster dog in our home. We welcomed sweet Xena J and she’s fitting right in. She and Washington are getting along great. Both dogs are as sweet as can be!

4/5/21 Update:  Xena has been with us for almost two weeks and is doing great. She is an easy, happy dog. She loves to be near us and LOVES attention. Xena is house trained, crate trained and knows basic commands. She is eager to please and listens very well. She gets along with other dogs and does great with our kids.

4/13/21 Update:  Xena continues to do well in her foster home. Here’s a short clip of her doing some serious back scratching in the grass. She has been a pretty easy dog, but she is learning that not everything is “All About Xena” and that she may need to wait her turn for belly rubs or for a pat on the head. She loves cuddling, sleeping and treats!

4/25/21 Update:  Xena J is still searching for her furever home! From her foster momma: She continues to do well in her foster home. She LOVES attention of any kind. She’s super sweet and well-behaved.

5/4/21 Update:  Xena is an easy pup! She is house trained and does well around kids. She does get along well with other dogs, but will get cranky if she doesn’t feel like being bothered by them.

She is about 4 years old and sleeps most of the day. She doesn’t like the crate, but she does fine roaming around our house when we aren’t home. She doesn’t chew or have any bad habits. Like I said, she is a pretty easy dog!
5/16/21 Update:  Xena always has a smile on her sweet face. She greets you with a smile, she even accepts my “no, no’s” with a smile. Xena does well on a leash, listens well and is very obedient.
She has been the perfect house guest and watching her has been a treat. Xena was easy peasy to introduce to our pack. She fit in perfectly with my guys and I know she will fit in perfectly wherever she goes.
5/24/21 Update:  Xena is living her best life in her foster home. She is a sweet and gentle girl. Her favorite way to sleep is on her back with her legs up in the air!
6/4/21 Update:  A delightful house guest came to visit this foster mama for a month while her foster family is on vacation. Xena quickly made herself at home. This precious four-year-old bulldog has good manners, and gets along great with my resident bullies. No crate needed for this girl. She can be trusted when left free in the house. This happy, healthy girl will make some lucky family a great companion.
6/15/21 Update:  I continue to be impressed with my temporary visitor Xena J. She is a smart one! Researchers tell us that an average dog can learn up to 165 words, and Xena is certainly above average. When I speak to her, she knows exactly what to do.
It’s easy to love this gentle, sweet, well-behaved girl who naps upside down. Xena has no interest in chasing a ball or playing with toys, but she does enjoy a strong gnaw on a Benebone! She gets excited when the leash comes out for a walk.
This once underweight, unkempt stray girl has become a lovely companion. Bless the rescuer who saved her from the streets, cleaned her up, and helped her join our rescue group.
By the way, she sings. When my grandson plays the piano, she provides the vocals.
7/14/21 Update:  It’s off to the morning races with these two. If I could harness foster girl Xena and my Deuce to a cart it would be a wild ride. I love their enthusiasm and investigations on our walks.
7/29/21 Update:  Xena was on squirrel patrol this morning. She dreams of catching one of those little tormentors, and they love teasing her. She never gives up. Great exercise and now time for a nap.

8/9/21 Update:  Move out of the way!  I’m Xena a shower aficionado, and when the shower door opens I jump in. I hold perfectly still because I love the warm water and the soapy scrub. I don’t want it to end.  When it does end I get a towel rub, and that’s  great too. I can hardly wait until it’s shower time again.

8/12/21 Update:  I love my name Xena, even though I was named after a fictional warrior princess. I am not a warrior, but I am a princess. My goal is to get along with everyone and mind my manners. I get more loving and more treats that way. My furever family will be surprised at how quickly I learn.

My hearing is the best. I warn my family about every little noise, inside and out. The only noises that scare me are big bangs, like thunder and fireworks. I like to snuggle with Foster Mom when I hear those noises. If you are looking for a sweet princess to call your own, I may be the match for you!