Xena Texas

Xena Texas

Xena Texas has found herself a forever home! This family could not be more perfect. Xena now has two fur sisters and a brother ~ also from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue.

I packed my backpack, my food, toys and everything that I needed to join rescue today. 

A while back, while I was eavesdropping on a family conversation, I heard that my family was relocating for a job and I was super excited! I love car rides. I thought a trip across Texas would be so much fun. I started mentally thinking about what all I needed to do to get prepared. I was almost giddy. 

And then I heard the words airplane, the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean and Puerto Rico… wait a minute. We’re moving to San Juan? Maybe ya’ll are… but me? I’m not planning on living on a island surrounded by water! I mean, I do like water, when it’s about 6″ deep in a kiddie pool. But an ocean? With things living in it? Well, that is just not for me. After all, I was born a Texan and Texas is my home.  No way, no how was San Juan ready for me. 

After much discussion and a lot of tears,  my family understood that I had to stay, while they had to go. 

I am 2 years old and I am leaving two small girls, a lot of friends and family, some other fur friends and my parents who I loved dearly. And they loved me. 

So, here I am, looking for a fabulous family who might want to vacation at the ocean and take me on a walk in the sand, but after a couple weeks, turn around and take me home. 

5/18/22 Update:  Xena recently came back to her foster home after a Dr. Larsen office visit. She had bladder stones and an ear infection. The stones were making it difficult for her to urinate and the small amount of liquid that would come out was blood. Surgery was necessary. 

Xena is showing an incredible recovery. She’s energetic, loves to chew on bones and do basic tricks for treats. 

Xena is the perfect 10. Crate trained, potty trained, listens when her name is being called, does tricks, takes her meds like a champ, loves walks (does not pull), loves to cuddle, enjoys car rides (gets in the car all by herself), loves kids and gets along with other dogs. Can we talk about how gorgeous she is, as well? 

Xena’s forever family is going to be lucky to adopt her.