Hey all, it’s me Zeke on the happiest day of my life!  You may remember me,  I joined rescue in really bad shape. My skin was horrible and my feet were even worse. I could barely walk. My nails had grown so long they had curled under into the pads on the bottom of my feet. I could not even walk out of the shelter. But thanks to great vet care and a wonderful foster Mom Christine, I am a brand new fella!  And I was adopted! Now I have kids who think I am amazing and I have a big big brother that just loves me to death to.  I am one happy adopted bulldog.  Love Zeke!

There was little to no chance that Zeke would run out the shelter’s front door this morning. That’s because Zeke is currently struggling to walk on his paws and legs. In fact, when he was taking steps this morning, he would cry a bit from the pain. Zeke did make it to a beautiful new sitting area in front of Dallas Animal Services before he decided he would just sit for a spell.

The shelter told us Zeke had a family, but they chose to relinquish him to the shelter. Thankfully, the shelter then called us for help. Now he can get the vet care he so desperately needs.

Better days are ahead for you, Zeke. You will heal from the hurt and find a forever family that will love and treasure you forever!

8/28/18 Update:  We know a little more about why foster boy Zeke seemed to be in so much pain yesterday after we picked him up from the shelter… The shelter had trimmed his nails back as far as they safely could, but before they got him, several had curled under and embedded into his pads, leaving sores. One nail had broken off at the base and must have been causing more pain. Going forward, we’ll make sure his tootsies get VIP care so he can be dancing again soon.