Zena Ree

Zena Ree

Zena Ree has been adopted by two amazing people and she couldn’t be more excited to join her furever parents! Tom and Margaret will be available full time to attend and spoil Zena with love. I couldn’t be more happy for the beautiful life that lies ahead for her.

Hey everyone, it’s me Zena Ree and today I joined rescue. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. My dad and I have lived together all my life and recently he had a heart attack, followed by 2 strokes.

I moved in with a family friend. It was not the same, and before long my new family realized I had some health concerns that needed addressed and they reached out to rescue. I have dry eye; some skin tags and I need spayed. I used to be a full-figured lady, but my new family thought I needed to be on a diet, and I have lost a lot of weight. I was not at all happy about the Jenny Craig weight lost program of having only 1 cup a day. It is my intention now that I am in rescue to start putting on some fluff again.  

I feel like at the age of 7 that I deserve to be able to eat till I feel full. I am considered a senior now, but I do believe that there is a lot of bulldog lovers out there that love seniors. So I am not too worried that someone won’t love me and adopt me. After all, age is only a number, and everyone will get old one day. 

So, with that being said before long you will see me in an adoption photo with a family that loves a beautiful senior bulldog like me, Zena Ree.

10/6/21 Update:  As it turns out, Zena Ree is a fan of sports. She likes soccer and tennis, but prefers the sessions be short and sweet. No long rallies.

10/28/21 Update:  Zena is good with anyone and anything. She likes to relax and mostly be lazy. People don’t bother her, but I haven’t had the ability to watch her interact with other dogs yet. She is my single foster child. 

She has been exposed to other dogs in public areas and has been great so far, though. She is truly an angel! 

11/1/21 Update:  Foster girl Zena Ree hung out outside tonight, handing out candy and kisses. Happy Halloween!

11/12/21 Update:  Zena was wondering why she didn’t make it to Fort Worth this last weekend and made me paw promise that she will be present at Campisi’s in two weeks!

I took her for a pedicure to make up for it and she was reportedly very lady-like and enjoyed the pampering with no resistance. She even got to browse the yummy food aisle afterward.

Zena is back to laying around the entire house and relaxing (her favorite thing to do). She has no problems whatsoever with people or kids and loves the attention. Evidently, she does well with other dogs too. She will set her boundaries if she is around another strong dog though, but not in an overly aggressive manner. She is too sweet for any of that mess. 

She also wants to give a special thanks to foster uncle Rey and foster aunt Tayler for taking such good care of her last week while foster dad was out of the country.

12/21/21 Update:  Zena was super excited about her goody bag from yesterday’s volunteer party. ln fact, she did what she’s never done before… she got into it. Evidently, she couldn’t contain herself and after showing about a half a second of remorse, she continued on. 

She even tried on her new pink dress. She is very thankful for everyone who donated items to stuff her stocking!

12/29/21 Update:  Zena had a fabulous Christmas weekend. While always craving any type of edible vitamins, she was excited to get some non-edible vitamin D!

1/3/22 Update:  Being the single and only “child” in her foster home, Zena always wants to be near her human. She occasionally demands that her human feels the same way and will not hesitate to express that. Some may call her a great communicator. Zena has been holding steady on her weight this past month at 54 pounds. She has no New Year’s resolutions, other than finding her forever family and home that will maybe have a few beds around the house.

1/10/22 Update:  Zena has not made any significant behavioral changes since first being fostered. She’s sweet and trustworthy. She can be left in the home by herself, she will not have any accidents so long as she can help it (hasn’t had any), and is a great walker. She is not much of a barker unless startled and is more than happy to lay in any room her human is. She loves attention and has no problem expressing it. She enjoys treats and staring at people who are eating food of any kind. She can be stubborn at times and will not do things that even she wants to do only because it was not her idea and she was told. She is very easy going though and is great with kids and the general public. Well mannered in stores and indifferent to natures creatures. She has yet to acknowledge the presence of squirrels, rabbits, birds, and lizards. Even when they were within a couple feet from her. She is an only dog but seems like she would be ok living with other submissive dogs. May be a challenge with dominant ones though. Zena loves walks and car rides. On walks, she feels like she needs to mark everything and then tear half the lawn up covering it up.

She’s been seeing this 10 year challenge on Facebook but can only provide a 4 month one.