Zoey Crowe (now Gemma)

Zoey Crowe (now Gemma)

Yesterday, Zoey (now named Gemma) found her forever family. She could not control that tail from the moment her new family arrived and fitted her with a beautiful yellow collar.

Gemma will now have a whole family all to herself ~ a mom, dad and kids to play with is just heaven for this energetic little girl.

Gemma has come a long way since arriving in rescue and now looks like a totally new dog.
To see how happy she was when her new family walked in, makes fostering worth it.

I came running to rescue. At 15 months old, running is what I do the best. You could say that I am training for the next marathon. I can run as fast as flying! You may have noticed I have a slight eye problem and my skin needs some attention, but other than that, I am a good gal.

When I hopped in the rescue lady’s car, I wondered what she was going to name me. And then the phone rang and it was her friend Lana. She told the rescue lady that her Bulldog, the love of her life, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge and that Bulldog was named Zoey. I hoped that she would name me Zoey in honor of that one, and she did.

I know I have some big paws to fill, but I am going to do my best to make Lana proud of me. Stay tuned for some new pictures of me as I begin to heal. I will look amazing in no time.