Zoie the Magnificent has been adopted! Blake and Julie love Bulldogs! This is Julie’s comment in the application about their first Bulldog: “Frank was our first ‘baby’ and we adopted him when he was about 12 weeks old. He had my engagement ring on his collar, and he was on our save-the-date card. He was our ring bearer and was how I told Blake I was pregnant. He passed about two years ago and we still miss him every day.”

Frank’s sudden passing from an allergic reaction to a wasp sting happened while they were out of town and he was in a friend’s care. For two years, they have mourned and thought of him. But while they can never replace him, they could honor him by adopting another Bulldog. They also wanted a companion for their French Bulldog, Gus. And they knew the right dog would be there when the time was right. Today, that journey is complete.

They have found the dog worthy of Frank’s memory and Zoie has found a family worthy of her larger-than-life love, and one to help her on her journey to a new life.

Team Zoie has added a few more members today. We wish Blake, Julie, Harlow, Gus and Zoie all the best as they all continue on their journey together!

Please welcome Zoie to Rescue. She is one of the Six Pack and is now at our vet for evaluation and treatment. Check back for more details.

5/12/17 Update:  Zoie remains at the vet office having a blast with everyone. She is on a diet and exercise program to lose a few pounds and get in a little better shape for her spay surgery next week.