Friends and fellow volunteers,

This morning, Akina enjoyed her last warmed breakfast.  She dutifully deposited her lawn logs and fertilizing irrigation outside, the same as many hundreds of days before.  Then she parked serenely in front of my office door, her usual morning haunt.   A while later, she struggled to rise to her feet, so I tried raising her backside.  She preferred the prone position on the cool tile, so I let her lie.  She appears in the pic at the right, just before her demise.  My heart told me that she would rally.

Moments later, I could not detect respiration so asked Meg to check for life signs with her stethoscope.  Akina died as peacefully as she lived.  A sweet girl, she demanded nothing, but gave everything.  She cherished life, her beds, and most of all, her food.  Rebecca Hall said that Bulldog Happy Hour extended her life.  Food equals love and we strove to maximize both influences.  Whatever the reasons, we thrill to her choice to stay with us.

Akina did not suffer pain.  Her ephemeral hourglass emptied and she embraced eternity.  Akina’s passing, while a temporary cause of sorrow, creates an eternal source of joy for fostering these precious Bullies, especially seniors.  Rather than grieve, we celebrate her long and happy life, about one third of which she graced us with her presence.

Many LSBCR vols sat for her while Meg and I vacationed, sometimes for extended periods overseas.  We thank every family that did so.

Last night, Akina laid at our feet in front of the sofa, an unusual behavior.  She bid us goodbye, something we did not recognize until today.   How happy are we that we wrote an homage to her just three weeks ago.

She died at home, with folks who loved her.  May all of our lives end so lovingly!

One day Akina had a family, the next day she did not!  After deciding the family did not have time for her they gave her away.  Akina either got out or her new family let her go and she was picked by a shelter roaming around town.  Akina is microchipped so her original owner was called, but they did not want her back.  So, after her stray hold was up we swooped her up.  I keep seeing in my mind the facebook post “Please don’t get tired of me just because I got old.” Poor Akina, 10 years old, and no home to go to. Much thanks to Darren who drove south in the rain to make sure Akina was rescued today so we did not have to stay at the shelter another day.

5/20/18 Update:  Hey everybody, I have been in my new foster home for about a week.  This place is a hybrid of an all-inclusive resort and a senior center.  I have two fur sisters, a resident queen, and a visiting princess.  The queen is no trouble but the princess and I needed a few days to become simpatico.  Foster dad learned that a puff of compressed air in the face of dueling pups calms the dust ups. Now, everything is copacetic.

I am a cross of Bulldog with a bit of something else (Terrier maybe) because I have a real tail.  Maybe I am one of those so-called “Boutique Bullies.”  No matter, at ten years old, I am spryer than dogs half my age.  I can jump into the car and onto the seat in a single bound.  How many of your senior Bullies can claim such vigor? Maybe I am so energetic because of my hybrid nature.  My face is not as squashed and my joints are supple.  I also have an unusual dining pattern.  I must eat alone in my dining nook because I graze rather than bolt my food at breakfast and the others would try to horn in otherwise.  At dinner though, I finish my entire meal at one sitting.

Foster dad is big on languages so he researched my name.  Akina has many meanings in African and Asian languages.  My personal favorite is Swahili meaning of bond, family bond.  Kinda cool, huh?

Why you should adopt me?  Glad you asked…

·         I am house broken

·         I get along with other dogs

·         I only chew on my food

·         I am a loyal pet who will follow you around

·         I am not trouble except I do not like taking my eye drops.

So what are you waiting for?

5/27/18 Update:  Akuna Matata to all y’all from Akina. I am changing the name of that tune to Akina Matata. The theme suits me. “No worries for the rest of your days… It’s my trouble free, philosophy, Akina Matata.” If you want Akuna Matata, adopt Akina Matata!

I was bored one morning this week so foster dad took out some toys. He was amazed at how eagerly I played. I am energetic and inquisitive. I investigated the basil plants and grapevines in the backyard garden. Wow, that must mean pesto sauce and wine! I hope that this crop matures soon. Speaking of maturity, at my age, I have it in spades. It will take a special person to adopt me. I understand that is a matter of love. As LeAnn Rimes told us, “Nothing about love makes sense.”

My tail stands out straight if I spot any trespassing lizards. I am determined to keep these invaders under control here. Being retired, I do not have many jobs, but lizard management is my passion. I am certain that my furever family is out there. Well, “Here I am – the one that you love,” so come find me.

6/24/18 Update:  It has been a quiet different two weeks for me, one on vacation with my two fur sisters at resident queen Gabby’s vacation home. We were all royalty there. I am inquisitive, so I ran around and explored all the new stimuli. I met cows, saw horses and donkeys, and ran around the place taking in new smells and sights. I think vacation mom had trouble running me down.

Foster dad brought us to Gabby’s vacation home before leaving for Wisconsin. I do not know where that is, but I have heard that there is Texas, and the rest of the United States.

I hope you fill out an application soon. You may be matched to me! I’m full of energy and ready to fill your home with love. I dare you not to fall in love with me.

8/1/18 Update:  Hi every Bullie Nation fan, it is I, Akina Matata. Let me give you the 822 (that is 411 for you biped types) on my past few weeks.  It has been hot this summer so I have taken many days off.  I do not see much difference between my days off and my days on but what to heck – life is good! I overheard my foster parents talking about my adoption prospects.  I agree that, as a vintage Bullie, the odds are long.  I wish that you could meet me and witness my energy, vigor, charm, and loving nature.

My foster family has been taking good care of me. Notice the irritation around my right eye lids in this profile shot from two weeks ago. Today’s face on shot shows great improvement.  My vet sent my peeps some ointment and it worked well. I am also working through some hair loss issues with the help of my vet. If you like calm and loving Bullies, I am your girl.

8/28/18 Update:  I am taking a “paws” this summer. My peeps say that I am a good dog, energetic for a senior, and just as affectionate. With age comes wisdom. I understand the adage that, “It is not the days in your life, but the life in your days.” So, I wait patiently for my furever home. One of my fur sisters went back to the clinic for some follow-up work. We miss her, but that frees up another bed for a while. Ya just cannot have enough beds. That is an axiomatic fact of Bulldog life.

With my open schedule, I am free most anytime for meet-and-greets. I hope you get matched to me! As the Supremes said, “Come see about me.”

10/16/18 Update:  Akina is wrapping up her vacation at the Bulldog retirement villa. It has been a joy to have her in our home! She has spent her days relaxing or playing with the other Bulldogs…. she has great energy! This girl is also very loyal, enjoys spending time with people and is eager to please. I know her furever family is out there somewhere.

10/30/18 Update:  Akina Matata at your service, or as Foster Dad says of my vacation weight gain, Akina Frittata. My foster mom and dad are finally back home and so am I. What an adventure I had though at another Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue home. You may have read my updates posted from my sojourn. So I gained a few “love” pounds. Isn’t that supposed to happen on vacation?

PSST, I MAY HAVE BIG NEWS. Before leaving, my foster family told me that a couple was seriously interested in adopting me. Now hear this! I met them and we all got along great. Buford, their new Bulldog, and I did swell together and he needs a playmate like me. At Bull-O-Ween, my foster parents met my maybe adoptive parents and that went well too. There is a lot of buzz going on ‘round these parts and I am getting excited. Stay tuned for further news.

1/15/19 Update:  It has been a while since I’be updated my status on social media. What to heck, I may have retired, but I still have a job. I guard Foster Mom’s bedroom from intruders, like Foster Dad looking for stuff before she gets up. He rises early, cleans the kitchen, prepares breakfast for us Bulldogs and I do not want him disturbing her rest, at least until he feeds us!

A fur sista at this BBnB was adopted this week. She was a young beauty and a whiz bang cinch to attract attention. Get this? Another vintage Bulldog here has a family that is adopting her. Maybe Bulldog Nation is realizing that seniors are quality adoptees. I have swung and missed twice so, with spring training on the horizon, I am adjusting my stance, working on timing, and ensuring that no more fastballs get by. I am sprier than Bulldogs half my age, well behaved, and want to bring love to your home.

2/26/19 Update:  Miss Akina here to fill you in on the past few weeks. I have been laying low, figuratively and literally this winter. The Benebones Christmas gifts have kept me entertained.

I attended the North Side Draft House event Sunday in Richardson to kick off the spring season of renewal.  Everyone is always surprised that I am so spry and inquisitive.  Speaking of spring, I am the official garden inspector.  My peeps gotta get with the floral program.  And get that guy back to finish staining the fence too!

Three other pups at this BBnB found new homes from here in the past few months.  I sense that my adoption time is near.  It all depends on you.  I am as good a Bullie as we come. Let’s start the rest of our happy lives together this spring.

5/2/19 Update:  A hearty hello to every Bulldog fan, friend, follower, and especially you potential adopters. Miss Akina (Matata) reporting after a long hiatus. I asked foster dad to start publicizing me again. Secretly, he will not admit it, but he fears me leaving this BBnB, and with good reasons. I am well behaved, house trained, crate trained, and low maintenance. I am as energetic as a pup half my age. OK, I am a bit of a messy eater, but the food is good here so I wolf it down. I need daily cleaning and drops in my eyes. When the allergens flare, apply my ointment and I am good to go.

Some adopters are not disposed to a senior Bulldog. I understand the many reasons for this and I am not distressed. I am more interested in appealing to those families who have a heart for us older Bulldogs. Do you like a vintage Merlot with your aged steak at Del Frisco’s? Then you might be a candidate to adopt me.

Check out my photo culled from my glamour portfolio. It is a top down day. I love these special attention outings. Foster Dad is taking me out to Home Depot, where I always wow the crowd, then I am headed to the spa for a mani, pedi, shampoo, and beauty makeover. I will look chic and stunning when you come to see me.

This resort has been a real treat and I want other rescue brethren and sistren to enjoy the same pleasures. If you adopt me, you help other Bulldogs, as they will move in here to be prepared for their furever future. You will not be disappointed.

8/18/19 Update:  My peeps brought in a fashion photographer because, apparently, they do not know their phone camera from a dial phone. What is a dial phone? I don’t get it.

I enjoyed getting some close-up love from the photog. Well, who wouldn’t want to give me love? I am a rock star at the groomer because I am so compliant, gentle, and affectionate. Ignore the hairy legs of the biped in the background! Grow some fur, bro!

I am not so much of a toy player as I am a bone chewer. My favorite pastime is to fetch all the bones running around this BBnB and hoard them onto my favorite mat in the hall. Then I chew on one until I get bored. Then, I switch to a new one.

I rise with foster dad every morning around O-dark-thirty. I have two important jobs. One is to keep the kitchen floor clean, should any morsels litter the surface. He keeps me in practice by testing my skills and reaction time. Does he think he is going to get a food tidbit by me? Good luck with dat.

My other job is to guard the door to foster mom’s bedroom. She likes to sleep until after dawn.

I am quite the refined senior lady and will bless your home, as I have done for my foster peeps. TTFN

8/22/22 Update:  Hello to all my friends and fans from the Methuselah of LSBCR,

Clocking in at between 95 and 110 in dog years, I proudly hoist the mantle of the oldest Bullie in Rescue.  But even at my age, I still work part time.  Here I toil holding down a comfy bed.  Today’s calendar called for a day off but I enjoy earning my keep.

My reward for today’s labor arrived in the form of Bulldog Happy Hour, the favorite event for every canine here.  I noshed on warm mac-n-cheese fortified with bits of roast chicken.  When the dessert cart rolled by, I selected the NY cheese cake.  Yesterday’s payment featured fettuccine alfredo with iced coffee cake.  The menu posted in the main Bullie dining salon calls flat bread pizza with berries and melon tomorrow.  How lucky can a girl be?

When I moved into the BBnB in May 2018, my age already exceeded diez años, probablemente más.  Three adoption nibbles rang faux with my foster peeps.  After the last disappointment, I initiated a heart to heart intervention, arguing that my happiness could never surpass that which I enjoyed here.  They granted my request to spend the rest of my Golden Years where love, nutrition, and care knew no bounds.  I remain forever grateful for LSBCR’s devotion to us Bullies.

You probably detected a tail on my photo above and this glamour shot shows a non-traditional Bullie face.   For sooth, my dogtor ascribes some Terrier genes to my lineage.  Whatever the justification, I thrill to my long life.

With advancing age, one must surrender youth’s graces.  I can no longer leap onto the furniture as just two years ago.  My fast ball no longer zips.  Erstwhile spryness has morphed into a call for help when I need mobility assistance.

My vision has faded to a blur and I often bump into objects as never before.  My hearing loss often brings the human equivalent of “Huh?”.  I gladly concede these senses in return for the security of a loving home.

Are we senior Bullies so different from you long in the tooth bipeds?

With love and appreciation, Miss Akina.