We are mourning the sudden loss of one of Santa’s Six this morning. Sweet foster girl Anna is guarding us from above now.

She writes: Hey, everyone. It’s me, Anna, AKA Wiggle Butt. I wanted to let everyone know I crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday and I’m doing great. I can see everything clearly now because my eyes are not longer messed up and cloudy. I can run and play and eat treats all day and not lose my girlish figure.

I want to thank Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and Doc Larsen for rescuing me and getting me all fixed up. Thanks to Foster Mom and Dad for putting up with my fears and working with me. I was only in my foster home for 17 days, but boy, did I learn a lot. I learned how to play with toys, what treats were, how to go potty outside (most of the time) and how to go through a doggie door. That one was a bit of a challenge but I got it down pretty good. I even came to an understanding with the resident Bulldog of the house and we played all the time.

Thanks for making the last few weeks so wonderful for me. I know there are a lot of other Bulldogs out there just waiting for this same opportunity. I’m gonna miss everybody…OH LOOK! SNACKS AND TOYS…gotta run.

From Anna’s foster parents: You were only in our lives for a very short time, but boy, did you have an impact. Napa, the resident Bulldog, got up this morning and first thing went to your kennel to see you. She’s still looking for you.

You were such a sweet, loving girl and you will be missed by all of us.

I’m one of Santa’s Six, formerly the Festive Five. I’m not gonna lie. Sitting still and wearing clothes? Not my cup of tea. I preferred running through the grass as fast as a pleasantly plump lady can run. I will say: I felt sorry for the lady taking the pics because she was not way able to run as fast as me. Maybe you wouldn’t understand, but I’ve never really had the opportunity to run in the grass. Being able to run, have freedom and feel the grass between my toes is all fabulous! I’ll tell you more about me later… I see the snack lady coming!

I’m just a little wiggle butt! I had a rough life, but that is behind me. It looks like I may have just had a litter of puppies, as I still have my stitches. Thank goodness I’m now with Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Love, love, love is all I’m getting now. My eyes are in bad shape, but Dr. Larsen is going to fix me all up. I hear she does miracles. Everyone is so nice to me now. Stay tuned and you will see my updates.

1/7/20 Update:  I have been in my new foster home about a week and I love it. There are other fur siblings here and we all get along, except for me and that little brown Bulldog. You see, we are both kind of pushy gals and like to be in charge, so we just need to have a meeting of the minds and set our boundaries. Don’t worry though ~ I get along with everyone.

Foster Dad calls me Wiggle Butt because whenever I get attention, my whole backend just wiggles all over the place. I LOVE ATTENTION. Probably because I didn’t get a lot of attention when I was a mill momma. I’m making up for that now!

I don’t see very well, but Dr. Larsen and Foster Mom and Dad are working on that with these drops for my eyes. I sit patiently while they do their thing and then I get attention and sometimes a treat.

I did hear the word diet in there somewhere and I didn’t like the tone of voice Foster Dad was using when he said it. I think he was talking about me, but as long as I get attention I’m happy.

Foster Mom and Dad are still working with me on going outside to do my business, but I’ll get there. Slow and steady wins the race.

I’m really looking for a forever home where I can be LARGE and in CHARGE. My family will need to be patient with me because I move kind of slow due to my vision. However, in exchange, my family will get all kinds of lovin’ and kisses from me.

Gotta run… well, move slowly… so I can get a snack!

1/12/20 Update:   Today, I learned what toys are and I got to play with them as much as I wanted. I also learned how to go through a doggie door, although not too gracefully, but I’m learning… AND… I have been going outside most of the time to potty. Still working on this and learning how to use that little door, so I can come back in when I want. I’m a smart girl and I’m learning more each day that I can run around, have fun and play!