It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I inform you that Barkley made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge tonight.  To say that we are totally devastated is a gross understatement. Barkley was an incredible soul.  He was an incredible blessing.  It will be hard to go on without him.  He had a way of looking so deeply in your eyes that you would swear he was kissing your heart.  He will be in our hearts forever……forever.

He passed away peacefully in his daddy’s arms, in bed, with love surrounding him as warmly as his favorite blanket.  I have no idea how we will go on without him.  But I know we will find a way, and at some point, we will want to honor his life by giving a good home to another lost soul that just wants a family of their own. There is no more pain, no more stomach aches, no more times that he struggled to take a deep breath.  He is now running around with our Jenny, kicking that front leg up,ruling the roost and waiting for his daddy and I to come walk them across that bridge..

I thanked God everyday for Barkley….and I will continue to thank Him daily.  I know one day I will be able to see him again.  And we will play with his favorite toy, and we will run and run and run….. We are so heartbroken, its hard to put into words.  We thank you for allowing us to be his family. We were a family….me, Dave, Bark, Zetta and Lucy…., we will always be a family. Peace. love and bully kisses, Kenna

Barkley has been adopted! From his foster momma: A wonderful family in south Texas wanted to give back and boy, did they. They adopted Barkley, who is almost 10 years old: an amazing senior Bulldog, if we have ever seen one. This family didn’t see age; all they saw in Barkley was his wonderful little soul and they knew he deserved a loving home, just like the younger ones. Barkley’s forever family decided not to focus on the quantity of years, but instead i the quality of them. Barkley will have a skin brother and two fur sisters to play with and snuggle. Even though we only fostered Barkley for a very short time, he left an indelible print on our hearts that we will have forever. Happy tails, little man.

Have you ever seen a 9-year-old Bulldog going on 6? Barkley is your man! If I did not have his papers, I would never believe this dog is day over 6. In fact, he looks and acts younger than some 6-year-olds. It is his rambunctious behavior that led to him being surrendered. After nine years with his family, and with diminishing eyesight, he found it hard to adjust to a little human in the family. He would either run over the toddler, or be surprised by the toddler’s movements and not be sure how to react. It was a very tearful surrender, but his family could not stand the thought of crating him or keeping him in another part of the house. They wanted him to have a place where he can run free, as he was meant to be, and not be afraid of hurting someone.

Barkley is very healthy. He is recovering from a skin allergy that left him with many small bald spots that are beginning to fill back in. If you have Bulldogs, you have probably seen this. He also has a small fatty mass between his front legs that the vet will check out. If you are wanting a sweet older boy with lots of miles left in him, Barkley could be your guy.

8/14/17 Update:  Foster mom picked up Barkley yesterday from boarding  and he is already a favorite in our house.  He may be 9 years old, but he sure doesn’t look like it or behave like it.  He has no problem seeing or hearing and is such a little love bug.  He just came right in and made himself right at home with his foster siblings and the closest couch he could find.  I would say this gentleman could crash with us for as long as he would like, but Barkley is so special that his new family is driving up this weekend all the way from Corpus Christi.  It warms this foster moms heart knowing that there are people out there that will give a senior bulldog a chance.  And they wont be disappointed!  I imagine Barkley definitely has some great years ahead, filled with lots of love and happiness.