Bella Bear

Bella Bear

It is with great sadness we announce that Bella Bear has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Read this touching tribute from her mom.

Bella was the best dog we have ever had. She was soft as silk and always wanted to be by your side. If you walked around she was your shadow.  She was great company as she just liked to be near you. She loved to play tug when she was younger. First thing she wanted to do in the mornings. Such an important part of our family. Although we only had her 4 years it was the best four years for us as she made such an impression in our lives. Our lives were forever changed during our time with her. We have a void with her gone. One lady we know did not like dogs but Bella sat by her side and warmed her heart with her calm demeanor. She was such great company to everyone. Didn’t want that much.  She would look at You with her big brown eyes and your heart would melt. I felt so lucky to have been given the opportunity to be her family. Our hearts are broken and she will be forever missed. I miss her warmth, silky fur and perfect and loving companionship.

Bella Bear has been adopted!  Miss Bella Bear, aka Ciao Bella (Italian for “Hello beautiful girl”), met her adoptive family on Saturday. Jana had fallen in love during the initial phone call. She and Randy took a shine to Bella at the front foyer, sitting on the floor to love on her. What a happy sight! Bella Bear kept jumping into their laps and kissing on them for the rest of the hour visit. We all wanted to see how Miss Bella Bear would do in their environment, especially the relationship with the 10-year-old Miniature Schnauzer and queen of the manor, Zoey.

Sunday, we checked in to Chez Zoey to acquaint the ladies. Within an hour or so, both were comfortably at home with each other. We knew Bella Bear had found her furever family. Bella Bear packed up last night and drove off to her new furever home, where she will have new beds, toys, and her own private dining area. She is the poster girl of sweet temperament and loving nature and will be spoiled by her foster parents, as well as become a companion to her fur sister.

Welcome Bella Bear to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Her owner recently passed away and the man’s daughter has been trying to settle everything, including the father’s four dogs. She decided to re-home his Bulldog with us.

Bella Bear (her real name) is 6 years old and gets along with kids and other dogs. She is very active and in fairly good health. She is at the clinic for some dental work and a checkup. She has already been spayed and will be ready for a new home soon. She does well on a leash and is very friendly. She does, however, become frightened by storms and loud noises, so her new family will have to help her work through those issues.

1/17/18 Update:  Hello everybody and everybullie, I am Bella Bear, a new and rising star in LSBCR.  Bella means beautiful as you can see in my publicity pic at the right sporting my tony turquoise trinket crusted collar.

My former family had to give me away, although I had done nothing wrong.  The LSBCR man who rescued me said that now I would be safe and loved forever. The past week or so has been a whirlwind.  I was in the hospital for multiple medical and dental surgeries.  Now I have a new foster family.  These digs are comfortable and ideal for my recuperation.  Still, I am wary.  What will become of me from here?

I can smell evidence of multiple Bullies having been everywhere in this resort so I am comforted. Best of all, Gabby, the fur sister and queen in residence, advises that I am will be happy here until my furever family finds me.  The food, very important to us Bullies, is first class and prepared by our personal chef.  I can choose from several styles of beds, and the security is reassuring.  I even have a maintenance man who cleans up after me.  Because my mouth is sore, foster dad fed me some soft minced ham from his hand.  WOW!  I follow him around like a puppy even though I just turned eight.  I surprised my foster parents by jumping up on the sofa to get some love.  I am very spry for a vintage Bullie, more so than many others of half my age. Gabby says that this family prepares us foster Bullies for the new life, one of endless love and care.  As a LSBCR alumna, she knows of what she speaks.  She says that no matter your past, once you get to Rescue, life starts anew and the future is bright.

It will take some time to adjust and come to equilibrium, so I will keep you posted.  Meanwhile, check out my beautiful face.  I am on the love seat looking for my furever family.