Bella Chubby C.

Bella Chubby C.

It is with extreme sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our favorite sassy super potato, Bella Chubby C. 

We woke up to her having a grand mal seizure in her kennel. We got her out and rescue meds were administered. The meds did not help and we reached out to doc. More rescue meds were administered and new rescue meds were called in to our local pharmacy. Those were picked up immediately and administered as well. 

After those measures were exhausted, she was rushed to the emergency vet. 

With the day of heavy seizure activity, Bella was dehydrated. The clinic had a hard time starting an IV and intubating Bella due to the frequency of seizure activity. 

The prognosis was not good. The vet didn’t believe that Bella would be able to recover from the damage that these seizures caused in the brain. 

The terrible decision was made to ease her pain and suffering. It was time to let her go.

Bella was the sweetest poof potato a foster parent could ask for. She was tolerant of the young and rambunctious roommates she had.

Bella never missed a chance to jump off her poof for a treat. Even in a deep sleep, she knew there was treat distribution happening! 

We will miss her sassy back talk and her skedaddling to her food dish.

It is never easy saying goodbye to the ones who make us better humans! We love you, sweet girl. You are already missed.


Hey everyone, it’s me Bella Chubby C. and I have joined rescue.

Strange name, huh? Once upon a time when I was a baby bulldog, I was chubby, and that name stuck with me! And, with just Bella as my name you might get me mixed up with the 100’s of other Bellas. I want everyone to remember me, so I told you my full name.

I am 4 years old now and I am just as sweet as can be. A while back I started losing clumps of hair on my side. And then I started having some head tremors.  Not a lot, but every now and then. Then one day I had what my doctor called a “cluster seizure.” It didn’t last long, but my family was supper scared. My vet changed my dog food to something prescription and since then I have been on a hunger strike. It tastes like cardboard, so I prefer to just not eat. After a sit-down meeting with my family, we all decided that it was best if I left and joined rescue because I need to figure out what is going on with me.

There were a lot of tears when they were hugging my neck—some happy for me and some sad to see me go. I am 4 years old, and I love every dog I have ever met. I love kids too. I have had some blood test now and hopefully Dr. Larsen will know what is going on with me.

I am already spayed, and soon I will be looking for a fabulous family that will just love this Bella Chubby C.

8/2/21 Update:  Bella Chubby C. Is settling into Sir S’mores A’Lot’s Bulldog B&B. She is learning where the comfortable napping spots are and how to work the foster parents out of some yummy treats. 

Bella is recovering from a few health issues, such as an infected tail pocket, infected ears and some kind of eye issue. But this sweet girl is doing great so far.

8/9/21 Update:  Bella is enjoying her time here at Sir S’mores A”lot’s retreat for Bulldogs. Bella’s recovering nicely from her double ear infections and her infected tail pocket. We have even seen some nice improvement in her eyes this week.

8/16/21 Update:  Bella really had a great week. She’s doing much better. 

Her eyes have cleared up dramatically. Her tummy trouble is over. Her skin is clearing up. Her ears and tail pocket have responded very well to treatment. We have cream for her nose, and it’s starting to show improvement too. 

We also had a breakthrough this week. She actually started playing occasionally. And she’s discovered the joy of bottles. We have to take the wrapper and lid parts off for safety, but she will happily chew away on them.

Overall, she’s adjusting well. She loves the probiotic pumpkin food toppers we use as treats. And she loves cheese.

8/24/21 Update:  Bella has had a rough week, but she’s on the mend. Every week brings new discoveries. Her eyes, ears, tail pocket, and skin have all responded well to treatment. Her tummy trouble, we thought was behind us too. She developed a little colitis this week. Because of that, and because she’s been showing pain, we took her to see doc. Her hips are what’s giving trouble. Short term, she gets special food and extra liquids for a few days to help her tummy settle and heal. Long term, will be some joint meds  And lifestyle changes.  Long walks and climbing are not in her future. That’s ok. The poof potato lifestyle suits her well. She likes playing queen of the mountain with S’mores.

9/2/21 Update:  This week was a bit rough for me. When I was surrendered to rescue, my family said I had seizures, though the seizures did not happen often. And I have been at the Sir S’mores A’lot’s B&B for three weeks with no signs of seizures.

But on Thursday morning, that changed. I woke up with a seizure and had a few more during that morning. Don’t worry though. The foster parents called Doc Larsen and she got me straightened out. I am resting comfortably and recuperating nicely.

10/12/21 Update:  Bella Chubby C. had a good week. She’s adjusted to her new meds and is much more playful…. when she’s not asleep. She really loves her Benebone. She is discovering that little brothers, even foster ones, can be annoying sometimes. But she tolerates him well, even when he takes toys out of her mouth or incessantly licks her jowls.

10/25/21 Update:  I’m almost afraid to send this cause i don’t want to jinx it…. Today marks 30 days since her last seizure. Other than a minor scare with some tremors a few days ago, and a slightly diminished appetite, she’s doing fine. She sleeps a lot. But that’s just who she is. Shes super chill. And prefers to spend her day lounging beside my desk, whether I’m sitting at it or not. She occasionally shakes things up by moving to the living room to lounge.  And once in a while she decides to play.

11/1/21 Update:  Foster girl Bella Chubby C. enjoyed helping to give our candy to the trick-or-treaters tonight.

12/8/21 Update:  It has been over 60 days since I’ve had a seizure. Thanks to Doc Larsen for helping get my medication straightened out. I love to lay around under the beautiful Christmas trees and look at all the pretty ornaments and sparkly lights. Maybe I can find my forever family soon and get to sit under their tree!

12/29/21 Update:   Merry Christmas from foster kids Bella Chubby C., Mary Jane and alumnus Sir S’mores A’Lot. 

The foster momma writes: This moment in time is a Christmas miracle….that cost me about a pound of high-value treats, at least 20 minutes and about 100 takes.

1/10/22 Update:  Happy birthday, Bella Chubby C! She celebrated with her favorite “cake”… chicken and veggie!