Bella Marie

Bella Marie

We are beyond sad to announce that Bella Marie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her sleep. We ask you remember her foster mom, Jennifer, in your thoughts. Bella was much older and that is always a risk. We appreciate our fosters and adopters who are willing to give a quality and fulfilling life to our seniors.
Please welcome Roxy Rose and Bella Marie ~ a senior daughter/mom pair ~ to our rescue family! Roxy writes: I was excited when I heard I was joining rescue. I got my belongings ready and waited by the door. My family had already set my crate on the walkway and I was ready to roll.
And when the knock on the door came, I did a happy dance! But wouldn’t you just know it, over my shoulder, I heard, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute…. don’t leave without me.”
It was my mother. Even at age 12, she still insists on going everywhere with me. I hustled out the door with her in hot pursuit. She even beat me to the car door.
You see, we found ourselves needing a new home because our family is moving across the country and they were afraid a 2,200-mile trip would not be in our best interest.
I am 8 years old and I have a few battle scars. At one time, there was a fight and both of my ears were chewed off. Thankfully, I had them sewn back on. I am not kidding. For a while, both of my ears were just dangling.
Senior Bulldog lovers, we are your perfect pair. We are both beautiful ladies and as sweet as can be. We sure hope there is a family out there that loves seniors and will adopt us. We don’t need much, really ~ just warm beds, some great treats and a lot of love.
We keep hearing the term “senior saints,” and that describes us perfectly. We’d hate to think that no one will want us just because we got old. After all, everyone will get old one day and it will happen a lot sooner that you think.
3/22/21 Update:  Roxy Rose and I checked out of the vet clinic a few days ago after having a few bits and bobs checked out. Dr. Larsen says I have some bad teeth, some gunk in my lungs, an enlarged heart and a splenic mass. I also have trouble hearing and seeing stuff so I’m a little slow getting around.
BUT… let me tell you something: NONE of that stuff is gonna stop me from living my BEST LIFE! 💫
I am eating like a QUEEN (I want ALL the food and then some more!), I am getting LOADS of attention and these humans tell me they love me all the time. I LOVE nightly sofa and TV snuggle time and then I sleep in the big bed with Foster Mama!
She has a birthday party planned for me. It’s supposed to be a surprise, but I have seen a few balloons being blown up so I know what’s she is up to (*sneaky sneaky*). We are also going to the beach this weekend. I can’t wait to feel the sand between my toes! 🐾☀️
Foster Mama said something about a bucket list. I’m not sure what that is, but if it entails fun, I’m ALL IN! If any of you have any suggestions for my “Bucket List,” please tell Foster Mama because I wanna LIVE LA VIDA LOCA, ya’ll!

4/3/21 Update:  I am LOVING my new digs! My foster mama threw me a birthday party and I got a WHOLE CAKE. I shared it with Roxy and Wilson once I had my fill.🥰 🐾

I have had lots of fun leisure time over the past two weeks. We hang outside by the pool and go for short walks in the red wagon. ☀️ I love all the snuggles and being next to humans at all times. It’s my favorite! ❤️

Oh and….I get to dance in the kitchen with foster mom while she cooks. I’m secretly waiting for bits to fall on the floor, but let’s not tell her that. 😉 What can I say….I LOVE FOOOOOD!
🐷 I had a puppuccino from Starbucks, which was DELICIOUS (I highly recommend) and so many other treats. It’s unbelievable!

That’s enough from me for now. I smell food in the other room and I need to go see what’s cookin’…. 🤤

Enjoy the weekend friends!

4/13/21 Update:  Hiya, friends! Bella Marie here. Still loving the food life… oops! I mean good life! 😉 Who am I kidding… I’m all about the food life! Bring me all the food, please!

I think I’ve found my favorite spot here… it’s outside on the patio with a nice breeze, next to my foster mama just chilling. 🐶💤
Enjoy this gorgeous weekend!

4/26/21 Update:  What a beautiful day! I hope you all enjoyed it to the fullest.

I’m still living my best life…and eating ALL the food I can get my paws on. I like to sit next to my foster pops while he eats lunch in case he needs help with any leftovers. 👀

I had a new experience last week…I went swimming in the pool and let me tell you it was cold 🥶 but I had so much fun. I’m a really good swimmer! 🐶

That is all for now. I need to go stand guard in front of the pantry, so no intruders get the food.

6/17/21 Update:  Hey Ya’ll!! Happy Friday!!

It has been a while so I just wanted to say hello! I hope you are all staying nice and cool in this HOT HOT HOT weather! ☀️🔥🥵

I’m still over here living my best life! I had a vacation at an incredibly amazing 5 star retreat while my foster mom was out of town. (Thank You Mary Fairchild!!! 🤗❤️)

I have tried some new and wonderful things since I’ve been here! My favorite treat is chick fil a mini biscuits! 🤤 But I also love zucchini, shredded carrots and cucumbers! I like to keep my figure looking nice and healthy! I love playing with my new ball I got while on my retreat!

I guess that’s all the updates for now I’ll send some video of me swimming in the pool next week. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

6/19/21 Update: Hiya Friends!

Bella Marie here…still loving the food life…oops I mean good life! 😉 Who am I kidding…I’m all about the food life!! Bring me all the food please!

I think I’ve found my favorite spot here… it’s outside on the patio with a nice breeze next to my foster mama just chilling. 🐶💤  Enjoy this gorgeous weekend!

7/26/21 Update:  Foster Momma went on vacation for two weeks and she let me stay with Dianne, the Queen of the Bulldogs. 

How cool is that? Anywhoo… after my foster momma picked me up, she took me for a puppuccino and a biscuit on the way home! I am so excited to be back in my foster home with my toys. I didn’t realize how much I would miss them! I slept through most of the day next to my toys. 

8/2/21 Update:  I went swimming again today. I like swimming, but I don’t want anyone to know I like it. I’m going to be a diva today and show you all that I hate it.

9/2/21 Update:  Bella Marie likes to take her potty breaks with the Gnome. First thing she does when she goes outside is make her stop by the gnome even when she doesn’t have to go.  It is like she is just checking in on him “you still here?” Then as we head back into the house one final stop with the gnome then in we go.