Bentley James

Bentley James

The sad reality is that no matter how much we want to save them all, some are damaged in ways we can’t fix no matter how much love and care they receive. We believe Bentley James is one of those cases.  He can be so very sweet at times, but more and more he has become extremely aggressive toward everyone. It is almost impossible to approach him to feed him or medicate him. We wish we knew what happened in his past to make him this way. He is not adoptable and is in misery. The best decision we could make for him was to give him the relief he sought after and help him cross the Rainbow Bridge. RIP sweet boy!

I bet you’re wondering why this cool dude is doing in rescue? Well, I’m still wondering that myself. You see, I had a family that bought me when I was a puppy. Then, a couple weeks ago, I overheard them say they were giving me away… FOR FREE. I was really shocked. But it happened and I went to live with a young man that had always wanted a Bulldog. Until, the lady of the house told him he was not prepared to take on the responsibility of me, Bentley James.

My new family took me to their vet and I got some vaccinations. But when their vet looked at my teeth, ears and tail, they learned I was one hot mess. Then, I overheard my newest family say they were calling rescue! I was absolutely fine with that idea. I knew I would get the help I need in rescue.

You see, my ears have been infected for so long, I’m really having a hard time hearing. Plus, my tail is leaking from an infection, so sitting down is actually painful. And my teeth? I should have been having dental work done a long time ago!

Even though I’ve got a list of ailments right now, I am one sweet Bulldog. I tried to do some lap sitting yesterday at Dr. Larsen’s and she said I need some intensive work on my tail and she was hesitant to let me climb up. But this Bentley James just jumped on up anyway. Even though she said I did not smell like roses, she was happy to let me lick her face.