Bevo II

Bevo II

We are so saddened to announce that Bevo crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He passed suddenly and peacefully in his foster home. For nearly a year he has known nothing but unconditional love. Remember his foster mom and pop in your thoughts and prayers.

My name is Bevo and I am having a mid-life crisis! My name has always been Bevo, (like that longhorn steer), but I am now officially known as Bevo II because rescue recently had another bulldog named Bevo. Just another mid-life change to deal with. I was with my old owner as long as I can remember. But then things started changing. She fell in love with a two-footer and got married; then they started having these little bitty humans that crawled all over me. Now they say another one is on the way!

I am about to have a nervous breakdown from all these changes. Hence my mid-life crisis. After talking it over with the family we decided it might be better if I found a new gig with a family who was a little slower and could spend more time with me. I could use a little less drama in my life, that’s for sure!

I’ll miss my old family, but I hear sometimes a mid-life crisis leads to better things. I’m only six so I will have lot’s of time with my new family. Maybe you are having a mid-life crisis now that your kids are grown and gone? Maybe you need a fresh start too? We could heal and move on together. How about giving a good dog a new chance?

2/26/18 Update:  It finally stopped raining long enough for me to take my white fur outside and take some new pics. I have been doing OK in my foster home, just OK, nothing special. I have tried really hard to act nice, but my sight is not what it once was and a lot of times, when something else with fur gets close to me, I don’t know if they are a friend or foe. My instinct kicks in and I start a fight. It’s really hard being visually impaired. I want to be nice, but it’s really hard.

Most of the time, when I start a fight, the other Bulldog is a lot bigger and things go south for me fast. I sure wish I knew their size before I start a fight. I am so tired of fighting. I need a family with no other dogs in the house, just a place to rest my head, and take a long nap. Other than my eyes, I am really healthy and I am no trouble at all. It will take me about 1 day to learn the lay out of a new place and after that, it’s like I have lived there forever. So, if you know someone whose house is fur-free, let them know about me. I’m 50 lbs of solid gold!

3/20/18 Update:  I know I’m a little more seasoned than most folks looking to rescue want, but I am worth any adoption fee and more!  It is definitely true because that is what my foster mom says and she knows a thing or two about Bulldogs. I have the standard care needed for a bulldog.  My ears, my eyes need medication, and I was blessed with a deep tail pocket so that needs regular cleaning, too.  I am very patient while all the cleaning and medicating is done.  I have some vision problems, but I get around really well.  I do have an issue with other things with fur as I don’t see the best and I don’t know if they are friend or foe.  I love, love, love people!!!!  I had a family for a long time, but then I ended up at a shelter. I’m okay hanging out here at my foster home, but I would really like my own family again, fur free, of course.  I’m up for a nice couch, a lap to lay my head in, and Netflix!!!  Who is down for that with me???   Handsome Bevo II

11/27/18 Update:  His sweet personality will win you over quickly! His eyes were neglected a long time, so he now gets eye drops frequently during the day and right before bed time. It isn’t going to change his decreased vision, but we hope it feels better for him to have the added moisture to his eyes. He knows his way around our yard and lets us know when he wants back in or when he wants out. He does great with all of the other pups as long as they are in their kennels. We believe his poor vision contributes to him being dog aggressive, as their ‘sudden’ appearance startles him. He did get a new big bed, and he loves it!