Jelly Bean (now Jelly)

Jelly Bean (now Jelly)

I wanted to let you know that Jelly crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.  This sweet lovable girl was my heart.  Jelly originally joined rescue as Billy Jean, surrendered from a breeder for a life of freedom.  She was very soon adopted but that adoption didn’t work out and she returned to the loving arms of our rescue family.  It was New Year’s Day when I picked this sweet girl up with her sister from Diane.  They insisted on being in the same crate and clung to each other.  Returning her name had changed to Jelly Bean.  Both were shy and skittish when they came to me.  They wouldn’t even come out of their crates to eat.  Patiently, I would sit at the open crate doors and feed them by hand.  I won Jelly’s trust first.  She was the adventurous one.  She was also the funny one with the serious eyes and eyebrows that always made her look like she was deep in thought.  When she wanted to play it would only take a couple of minutes and she would roll over and just want a belly rub.  She would dance with excitement when I would get home and she would dance when I would fix her food.  She was the best dancer.  Her and her sister were still quite shy of other people and I made the decision not to put them through another adoption.  I adopted them and made it official that this was their forever home.  Jelly Bean became my Jelly.  She was also known as Jelly Belly as she loved those belly rubs.  She also gave the best hugs.  When I would sit in a chair she would come and stand up and I would wrap her in a bear hug.  She would just hug back with her sweet head on my shoulder.  Butter loved her sister too.  She would often crawl in bed with Jelly and cuddle with her.  We had a wonderful few months.  Over the last 3 months my heart broke as she stopped eating, playing, and dancing.  Her last night was a restless one as I know she was in pain.  I held her and loved her but knew it was time for her to be free again.  I held her as she crossed the bridge.  I’m including some of my favorite pictures and videos so you can see the sweet, funny, dancer that she was.  Rest In Peace my sweet girl.

Jelly Bean and Buttercup are no strangers to rescue, as this is their second time around. They started life as puppy mill moms. They left that life behind and joined rescue. They were adopted by a family who decided not to keep them. A year later, they were back in rescue. This time they were a bonded pair. Keeping them together was a priority and they went to their foster home together. They were overweight and in need of surgeries, so they started their journey to get healthy again. Jelly is completely healed from her hernia surgery. She has slimmed down a bit and is now just plump and happy. Butter is still doing her physical therapy, but her knee is doing great. At times, you don’t even see a limp. She also has slimmed down and is ready for bikini weather. Today is the best day ever because this is their adoption day. They will now be known as Jelly and Butter. Some might call it a foster fail, but this momma has fallen in love with these two precious babies. I couldn’t imagine them ever being adopted by someone else. These two love each other and will now never have to worry about being separated. They will be able to help welcome other pups into rescue and let them know that their happily-ever-after is just around the corner. As for these two, today we begin our furever lives together.

Please welcome Jelly Bean (formerly Billy Jean) back to rescue. From her foster momma: Jelly Bean and her sister have arrived at their new foster home. She is a happy and energetic girl. She burst in like she owned the place. After a complete exploration, Jelly Bean went out back and took care of business. She supervised as Foster Mom set up the additional crate. It won’t be long before she is running the show.

Billy Jean has been adopted! From her foster momma: Today was the day Billy Jean has been waiting for all her life. After spending the first years of her life in a puppy mill, having litter after litter, Billy Jean is no longer a number, but a member of her very own family. Barry and Brandi have owned Bulldogs and have been following Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue in hopes of finding the right fit for their family. They met Billy Jean at Bull-O-Ween and it was a match made in heaven. Billy Jean will have a tiny fur brother and two skin sisters. Billy Jean is the most trusting and loving little girl in spite of what she has endured in her past. Some are just so special and hard to let go, but seeing this girl with her own family is so very rewarding. Sweet, playful Billy Jean has hit the jackpot with her forever family.

Please welcome Billy Jean to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue!  Billy Jean is 4 years old and when she crawls across the floor to lay her head on my leg, I melt. She has soulful eyes that tell a tale of a mother that was never touched, bred multiple times, and is wondering where all her babies went. I hold her head in my hand and tell her never again will you be the one that is not loved, or does not have a family, or has to crawl across the floor for fear of being hurt. One week ago Billy Jean found freedom, and yesterday, she arrived with the hope of all things with fur, to find herself a loving home. Billy Jean thinks she likes me, but is not quite sure yet. Sudden moves send Billy Jean back under the bed and slowly she creeps back out, only to return when I look at her.

8/6/17 Update:  Billy Jean had a snack after breakfast… eggs and her favorite turkey bacon. She is hoping to add some pounds to her tiny body and she is enjoying all kinds of food. Salmon was on the menu for supper along with her kibble. Her first day in her foster home and her first day in a real home is going to be way better than being stuck in a kennel having litter after litter. Billy Jean is a sweet girl, somewhat shy, and will lay down in a submissive manner when approached. She will soon learn she is in a good place and has nothing to fear.

8/13/17 Update:  After living in a crate and having babies all her life, foster girl Billie Jean is discovering the joys of being in a home.  She claimed the new Coolaroo bed and toys too.  If she can grab a toy it goes into her crate and she proceeds to lick and cuddle it.  Billie is somewhat shy but has her zoomie moments and will play with her fur siblings.  Billie Jean loves everyone. She is good about doing her business outside but doesn’t tell you when she needs out.  She just needs to be let out regularly.  Billie prefers to eat in a calm environment so she usually eats her meals by herself.  She sometimes prefers to eat a bit and save the rest for later.  Billie Jean has a lot of love to give and she needs a lot of love to make up for years without it.

8/22/17 Update:  Billy Jean says, “Mama let me out to play with that pink ball.”   Billy Jean is becoming quite the social butterfly.  She loves everyone, skin and fur, and loves to be touched.  Billy Jean did not get much touching in the puppy mill.  Her only purpose was to produce pups for sale.  Now it is Billy Jean”s time to  be loved and cared for.  Billy Jean is getting an extra midday meal to fill out her body a bit.  She is on the small side.  Billy Jean loves toys and loves playing.  She sleeps in her crate but does not retreat to her crate as much as she did when she first came into rescue.  She’s a comical little girl with eyes that melt your heart.

9/9/17 Update:  Billy Jean has spent some time outside and loves the cool down. She has discovered all kinds of new things to sniff. Billy Jean loves being in a house with fur siblings and humans too. She
Is grateful for her luck in rescue and not having to be in a cage doing nothing but having babies. She has adapted well to her new life. Billy Jean is a loving, sweet girl who cannot get enough affection.

9/20/17 Update:  Billy Jean had a great time at the Hollywood Feed event this past weekend. She was very ladylike and wagged her tail the whole time. Foster Mom and Dad were so proud of this sweet girl. She hopes everyone noticed her chunky, wrinkly eyebrows. Billy Jean is not much for this heat and is anxious for cooler weather so she can romp and play with her ball outside.

9/26/17 Update:  Billy Jean wanted to try on her P Dawgs Accessories for Bulldogs spider flower collar in anticipation of Halloween.  Billy Jean is recovering this week after having a mommy makeover tweak.  She’s going to lay low before revealing her beautiful self.  This girl is so full of joy in her new found freedom.  She never dreamed life would be so good.

10/8/17 Update:  Billy Jean has returned from her stay at the spa to have her mommy makeover tweaked. Billy Jean did not miss a beat and is back to her happy, playful self. She went outside to see if the fall air had arrived, but her trip outside was short as she couldn’t wait to get back to the comforts of a house. Billy Jean loves her meal routine and going outside regularly. She feels safe. Billy Jean wants to be loved and she wants to give love.

1/7/19 Update:  Jelly Bean is the sweetest girl and full of energy. She loves to play. She has growled at her foster brother a couple of times, but otherwise they seem to be getting along. She’s a smart girl and seems to know where to do her business. She had a vet visit to get her vaccinations and a heartworm test. We’ll know the results of the test on Monday. She has had some indications of some allergies so I’m starting her on Benadryl. She weighed in at 53 lbs, which is too much for her small frame. She started her diet with the new year and I’m sure those pounds will fall off quickly as she is an active girl. We discovered that she has a small hernia, but the vet said that the repair can wait until she drops some weight and can combine the surgical procedure with another procedure, like a dental cleaning. We’ll keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn’t get any bigger.

1/29/19 Update:  Jelly Bean is home after her surgery to correct her hernia. She also had some dental work done. She is doing great. She is such a sweet girl who love to play with her person. She gets very excited whenever she meets someone new. She also loves a good belly rub. I think she is missing her sister Buttercup, who is still with Dr. Larsen, but hopefully will be home at the end of next week.