Last Thursday, at 12:34, former LSBCR alum, Bosley, was helped to cross the bridge in the comfort of his home. I was a rescue volunteer in 2010 when Elizabeth Dianne Mathis called me to pick up an owner surrender. I rushed to go get the poor dog. I swear I smelled him before they brought him to me. Demodectic mange, secondary yeast skin infections, infected ears and eyes, entropian, interdigital cysts. Train wreck. After 9 months of outstanding vetting, food and love he was successfully adopted out. Well, after a few weeks I received a call that the dog wasn’t thriving and the committee agreed to unwind the adoption. Welcome Bosley, our foster failure. He loved to play “where’s the red dot” from the laser pointer. He accepted a puppy bully brother and taught him the ropes. As he got older he got crankier making it too difficult for me to continue fostering others. He’s running free now. I pray there are endless red dots for him. Thank you Lone Star English Bulldog Rescue for sharing this beautiful soul with me and for all the lives you save. And also a huge shoutout and heartfelt thank you to Dr Ryan Royse of Argyle Veterinary for coming to our home (his home) to assist in crossing. We are so Blessed.

Update: Some of you will remember from Bosley, he has returned to rescue after being adopted for a short while.  Seems his medical issues were just too much for his new owner to handle.  We are currently getting Bosley healthy again and as soon as he is able we will be looking for another home for him.  We feel that Bosley needs to go to an “EXPERIENCED” bulldog owner so that they can handle his issues.  Please read below his original story and his journey to health.  If you feel you have the experience to handle a bully like Bosley please put in your adoption application.

Update: “Bosley is waiting to have an eye surgery and be neutered but funds are low.  Please consider “Sponsoring” Bosley to help him finish his recovery.  Two year old Bosley is such a good boy and has been through so much in his short life.  He is almost there, please consider helping him!”

Bosley is getting decked out for Christmas!!!!

“A note from Bosley”

A few of you have asked for my progress so here goes.  I’m still taking meds for my demodex and secondary skin infection but my ears are better and my eyes are getting there. Fighting a little respiratory thing that I think I caught from my foster brother (another bully like me). Once my foster mom and the Doc get me healthier, I can go in for a nip/tuck on my eyes and I’ll be neutered too.  I absolutely love human attention and if I don’t receive it when I want it, I’ll put my head on your lap and look adoringly into your face and I’ve learned that you just can’t resist giving me much missed scratches and rubs and pats on the head.  I am housebroken, my foster parents are always saying ‘Good Boy’ when I take care of things outside, they’re odd ducks I’m telling you.  Since I’ve been in foster I’ve put on about 10 pounds, I was a bit on the thin side, my fur is growing back, and every day I’m feeling better.  I love to play tug o war with the rope and my 11 yr old human friend.  The foster folks say I’m good on a leash…is this a good thing??  Must be!  J  I’ve shown that I DO NOT LIKE to share  my toys with the other bulldog that’s rooming with me here in foster, so I’ll probably be a good fit for a family without other animals or small children.  Attached are some new glam shots of me…I’m a handsome fellow if I do say so myself.  I’ll keep you posted.  My adoption fee is $500.

Meet Bosley……another poor soul that needs to experience some love and kindness. Bosley was turned in at a local shelter and the owners asked that he be put to sleep. The shelter personnel asked if they would like to spend some time with him before hand and they said “We really don’t ever touch him…..” Can you imagine?? Never a gentle tussle of the ear or a pat on the head…….fortunately they did feed him well so he is not under weight. The shelter personnel were able to persuade the owners to let them try and find a rescue that would take him. One of our volunteers picked him up and took him straight to the vet. Mr. Bosley has severe demodex mange, secondary skin infections, ear and eye infections and entropion. That’s what we know so far. It is going to take a lot of time and money to return him to health but look at that sweet face…..he will be such a pretty boy when he is healthy again. Please consider making a donation to Bosley’s care!!