Foster boy Brick is flying high once again. He gained his wings tonight. Our hearts go out to his foster family, who were with him until the very end. Until we see you again, sweet boy.

From his foster parents: When we first met Brick, we knew he was special. Even though we knew how sick he was, Brick acted like nothing was wrong. In his last few months, Brick received all the love and attention he could handle. He loved to play, go on car rides, and go to as many rescue events as he could. Every single day, we loved Brick as our own. He was our Bulldog and always will be.

It was very difficult for us to see the cancer start to take over. In the last few weeks, the tumors just continued to grow. Unfortunately, today one of his tumors ruptured. Just hours after this happened, we brought him to the vet, and helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We want to thank everyone for their thoughts, prayers, well wishes, and everyone who donated to help pay for his medical care. We also want to thank everyone who was able to come visit with Brick and show him some love at rescue events. We are beyond heartbroken.

Foster boy Brick is a brick! He is square, thick and solid. He weighs in at 82 pounds and we think he is around 8 years old. He was picked up by a local shelter, and then they immediately contacted us because of some obvious health issues.

He has a growth on the side of his lower left lip. It measures 4 inches long and 2 inches thick. It is ulcerated and oozing blood. He also has very dry eyes, dry skin and both ears are infected. Dr. Larsen agrees with the preliminary diagnosis of the shelter vet that the growth is most likely cancerous.

So further testing was done at the clinic on Monday after he arrived. His lymph glands are very enlarged and hard. X-rays show that the tumor has not spread to his jaw bone. But X-rays also show a small mass in one lung. He also has a few small mole-like growths on his skin which could be malignant.

If Brick can tolerate anesthesia, Dr. Larsen will remove the growth on his lip. It will be sent off for pathology. We will work on his eyes, ears and skin to make him more comfortable. These things alone will greatly improve his quality of life. Depending on the pathology report, we may be able to give him some oral medication that will slow down the growth or shrink the tumor.

Our focus right now is improving his quality of life. In spite of everything, Brick is so sweet and loving. He is so full of energy and was patient with the staff with everything they did to him.

Please say your prayers tonight and ask for a miracle. This boy deserves one!

3/20/19 Update: Foster boy Brick has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Our volunteers, Matthew and Katie, want to make sure he gets a little more out of life before he earns his wings. The docs anticipate he may only have a few weeks left, and Matthew and Katie were kind enough to offer to be his hospice foster parents.

They write: We picked up Brick this past weekend, and he is an absolutely fabulous dog. We’re already in love with him. On our way home, our first stop was at his favorite fast-food joint. He knew exactly what to order: “1 totz & 14 pomp corn chin-kins” (haha).

He got to our home, played some, and then found himself a nice spot on the couch.

This sweet boy is so full of life and love. We plan to help him enjoy life as much as he can for the remainder of the time we are blessed to foster him.

If he is feeling well enough, he will be attending the Bulldog Bonanza with Beer this coming Sunday, 3/24, in Keller, so please stop by and say hello to him.

4/22/19 Update:  These last couple of weeks have been full of fun and relaxation for Brick. He has been enjoying numerous car rides, going for walks, meeting our family, and even going for a swim!

Well… maybe “swim” is the wrong word to use. We took him to my mom’s house to meet everyone, and Brick quickly noticed she has a pool. After walking the perimeter of the pool, nonchalantly looking at the flowers and plants, Brick yelled “YOLO!” and jumped in. I was standing about 10 feet away from him at the time, and after quickly realizing that swimming is not in Brick’s skill set, I had to jump in, fully clothed, to help him get out safely. He then trotted away to the dinner table as if nothing had happened.

Brick is so full of life and personality, and has shown us nothing but love. He is a true gentleman, and we are so grateful to be his foster family.