Our hearts hurt to report that we lost foster girl Bridget tonight. Her foster pops came home tonight to find she had passed away in her bed. Her foster momma writes: Everyone that met you, loved you, Bridget. May you find the ones that crossed the Rainbow Bridge before you and y’all be reunited again. You will live forever in our hearts!

Please welcome Bridget to our rescue family. Bridget is 8 years old and was an owner surrender to a local shelter. Unfortunately, she’s a mess. Her nails were so long they curled under and were imbedded in her pads! The shelter folks trimmed her nails as much as they could, so we’ll be continuing to work on those. She walks very gingerly. You can see why if you look at the bottom of her feet. We should have a full vet report on her soon.

2/27/17 Update:  Bridget is still getting used to her new surroundings and learning to trust people. She has gotten nervous on a couple occasions and has started an argument with our dogs, but she is working hard on improving her behavior. Her back legs are a little crooked and cause her to walk slowly with a little wobble. We’re not sure how/why a lot of her body was dyed purple, but the color is slowly coming out with each bath. When we picked her up, her nose was completely green and crusty, but thanks to several applications of coconut oil, her nose is almost completely crust-free. Bridget is really shy and highly prefers being in a crate throughout the day instead of on a dog bed around our other dogs. She is currently taking medication for an upper respiratory infection. Her nails look great, especially compared to the day she came to rescue. We know one day she is going to make a great addition to her future forever family.

3/22/17 Update:  Bridget is still learning the Bulldog lifestyle. She continues to work hard and shows improvement almost every day. Her nose is looking fantastic, her coat is really soft and thick, and the purple dye is pretty much all washed out. She is learning she doesn’t have to be scared all the time, and is learning she doesn’t have to compete for attention.

Bridget doesn’t get around much. She still prefers to spend most of every day in her open crate. As long as she is comfortable and feels safe, we are happy. She has a rather large underbite. Because of this, her meal time can get a little messy. The good news is she always cleans her bowl and surrounding area. Bridget has quickly learned the sounds of the treat bag, and knows how to sit like a boss. Bridget is really great with people. She is generally fine around the house with our other three dogs, but she has started some arguments. She is, however, getting much better. Her house training is actually pretty good, but she has had the occasional accident. She’s not much of a playful Bulldog, but instead prefers to take her time to relax. She is in search of a furever family that just wants to be with her and give her the love she deserves.

4/12/17 Update:  Bridget has made so much progress! She looks overall healthier, and her mood has improved tremendously. Bridget is doing really well on her house training. She still has a rare accident, but definitely an improvement from a month ago. All she wants to do all day is be with us and take naps. She still highly prefers to spend all day in her open crate, where she is comfortable and feels safe. We’ve had her a little more than a month, and she is finally starting to show a some personality.

Bridget is searching for a furever family that will be patient with her, and have a good understanding of Bulldog health and maintenance. She does have mild dry eye in both of her eyes, which requires prescription eye drops twice a day. She has quickly gotten used to the eye drop routine, and has made this a very easy task for us. Please submit an application to make this sweet senior or another one of our sweet foster dogs part of your family.

7/2/17 Update:  Happy 4th of July weekend all you beautiful bulldog people! It’s me Bridget checking in from a new foster hacienda! I did not expect to see flags flying, a picnic happening, and of all things a parade. I think the parade was just for me! I love my new home, except for some annoying things that are there—like other bulldogs.  I am not a fan of other fur and my forever home will be fur free, but will have lot’s of people of any size. Big, little, short or tall I love people. Can you see from my pictures that my nose is kinda rough? Well, it is and I am not proud of that at all. I am obsessed with touching my eyebrows with my tongue and have perfected that I must say. I recently heard the word “exfoliate” my nose and Lord knows if coconut is involved in the process, COUNT ME IN ! I am a huge fan of treats, and I am a attention hog. I love a lap to sit in, and I love a car ride. But most of all, I would love a home to call my own. Please adopt me and let me be your Bridget, the beautiful senior bulldog that loves everything. Except other fur.