Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

We have some very sad news to report. Foster girl Brown Sugar went in for her spay this week, as a final step before her adoption. She already had a family selected for her. During surgery, Brown Sugar went into cardiac arrest. The vet staff did all they could to bring her back, but were unsuccessful. From volunteer Dianne, “She had too many babies and probably nursed who knows how many. She found a place where she was loved and was able to cross knowing that she had people who cared for her and would care for many more days to come. I believe dogs, as do humans, know when it’s their time to cross over when they feel the most loved. We are devastated, but she was told over and over how beautiful she was and left us knowing that.”

Please keep her foster mom and the family that planned to adopt her in your thoughts and prayers. You are missed, Brown Sugar.

Please welcome Miss Brown Sugar to our rescue family! She recently had puppies and will need a little time to recover.

We call her Sugar for short, well, because she is as sweet as sugar! A 5 year old gorgeous Brindle Bully! She is literally 65 lbs. of pure sweetness! She just wants love and attention. She loves some belly rubs and can even give high 5! She loves to follow us around the house like a little puppy, always so curious to know what’s going on. She has been such a good girl and hasn’t had any accidents in the house. Miss Sugar loves her chew toys and to play fetch too! She may be 65 lbs. but she can move pretty fast for a bully 😉 She gets along great with our toddler too. She is one snoozin’ chic! We enjoyed Sunday lazy day while it rained outside and she was a great napping partner. Unfortunately, she does not seem to be a fan of cats. Sweet Sugar will be ready for her forever home soon! If interested, please apply online & Stay tuned in for her updates!

10/9/16 Update:  With an undercarriage that hangs very LOW and eyes that will make you melt, this lady has my heart! Brown has two more weeks of healing before she can be spayed, and what a glorious day that will be when her baby-making days are over forever. Brown is coming to the Mistletoe and Holly Bazaar and Festival in Rockwall on Saturday so everyone can get a glimpse of this beauty!

10/10/16 Update:  I adore this Bulldog. There is not one thing wrong with her. She is thick around the middle, but comfortable with her shape. She wears her years of being a mama well, and she adores attention of any type. Her favorite place is anywhere a person is. She is still healing from having a baby a few weeks back and soon she will be spayed. Strangers tend to stare at her body shape when they see her walk by, with her undercarriage swinging side to side. Brown Sugar couldn’t care less. She is a brindle beauty that will capture the heart of anyone that loves Bulldogs.

10/23/16 Update:  Still healing from having a litter of puppies and with her under carriage touching the ground, this girl is everything. Attitude, beauty, happy all the time, bossy, huge appetite… that is what describes Brown Sugar!