Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to another foster kid today: Brynn. As much as her foster family knew it was time, it was still so hard to say goodbye. Please lift them up in your thoughts, as they are definitely heartbroken.
Her foster pops writes: Today, Miss Brynn crossed the Rainbow Bridge with a spirit aglow and a peaceful soul. When she strode into this canine camp in September 2019, Doc advised that she was a short-term hospice case. The large growth near her heart made her lethargic. She was sickly and sad.
Her life-long BFF, Miss Claudine (aka Chloe), joined our foster home about a month later. These constant companions hung out side by side, slept together, and supported each other. Each buoyed the other’s essence in observable, but inscrutable ways.
Over time, Brynn’s chest growth shrank, and her esophagus returned to a normal position. She rallied, vanquishing her maladies. She slept beside my bed in the doggy dormitory wing of this BBnB and enjoyed run of the house privileges of a full and valued family member.
She taught us the importance of determination; she never gave up. Even today, she wanted to hold out for our benefit, but she knew it was her time. She was not in pain, but her body shut down and extinguished any quality of life. We will be eternally grateful for her profiles in courage.
During her 20-month visit, she could shift only from low gear to neutral, but her loving and appreciative nature far outpaced her lassitude. Her weight loss signified that her cancer had advanced. She stopped eating voraciously. Doc suggested puppy food, supplemented by Bulldog Happy Hour, and her appetite increased. A hungry dog is a happy dog and she was happy until this last week!
In the spring of 2020, she developed a whopping tumor on her cheek. Ever the happy warrior, she never moaned or complained. Even when Doc removed it, and we tended to her wound for months, she lived happily. She healed that wound by dint of desire. She epitomized the courage and determination of the Bulldog heart.
Her risible lifeforce evoked pleasure in every creature she met. She always whistled a happy tune. Her favorite characterized all of days, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
We took one last photo with Brynn and her bestie on the drive to the final vet appointment. The sadness at her loss shrinks in comparison to the joy she brought to our home and the extended tour of contented life she enjoyed. She blessed us every day and we are grateful to have been her foster and forever parents. God called on her to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but Divine Providence graced us with her love these 600 days.
Miss Brynn has exchanged her mortal pursuits for a deserved seat at the feet of our maker where she will doubtless remain ever content as she lived here. Please say a prayer for her.
Good bye, sweet girl. You will forever live in our hearts, memories and souls.

You see, someone found Claudine and me and took us to the shelter. The shelter found out we had microchips so they called our owners. But they never came to get us! So here we are in rescue and everyone loves us.

We are not sisters, but best friends who have lived together a long time. We would like to stay together if possible, but we understand if that can’t happen. 

I am the thin fawn and white one. I am very sweet and love everybody and all dogs I have met. I am in pretty good health for a girl my age—that’s why I don’t mind telling you I am seven. 

Brynn is the all white one and she is a little chunky compared to me. She has some problems with one of her eyes, but the people at the clinic say they will have it better in no time. Brynn is also very sweet and loves everyone. She may be a little more playful than I am. She is also seven.

We we are just going to sit back, relax and enjoy a little gal’s time together. Once everything is checked out and fixed, we will be off to our foster home, and then our forever home in no time. Wouldn’t you love to have both of us at your house?

8/15/19 Update:  May I wish a hale and hearty hello to all my fellow friends, fans, and followers in the free and oppressed worlds, ships at sea, and a special shout out to all you extra-terrestrials.

#MissBrynn slingin’ including across the Twitterverse. Do I need my own hashtag? I have no idea what that means, but I sound hip. Speaking of hip, I have no joint problems, an elegant coat, and a mild temperament.

This BBnB prepared temporary private quarters for me, and kept me in slow introduction mode, but I have graduated. Now, I am the new kid in the clique that meets twice daily in the main Bulldog dining salon. I am reveling in the food, attention, and peace that only a loving home can provide. I now have earned run-of-the-house privileges. Obediently, I do all my business outside. I am an easy pup to keep.

My dogtor has diagnosed me as a hospice Bulldog. In dog-speak, that means that I need love more than any other time in my life. If you have a heart for a Bulldog who needs your love and emotional courage, I will bless you with my undying devotion. My peeps are amazed by my resilience. No longer asleep and lethargic all day, this loving home and yummy grub have brought me back to engaged, interested, and full of life and happiness. I stick close by foster dad because he is the man with the food. I cannot remember eating so well.

The pack granted me full member status. I am a proud male member of Chez Maison Ménard BBnB canine mafia. There was even an initiation ceremony. As the star, I am at foster dad’s feet with my three sistas in the background. We all shared provolone noshes. They have taught me how to beg, as foster dad prepares eats and what a pushover he is for a pretty face. Given the fabulous food here, my appetite has evolved from to “eat to live” to “live to eat.”

I remain eternally grateful and happy for the love and devotion of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, but I am ready to move on, move up, and move in. Are you ready?

11/3/19 Update:  Brynn has welcomed her past, present, and perhaps future fur faux sista from a different mista. Claudine has moved into da hood Chez Maison Ménard BBnB. They are the same age, BFFs, and homies once again. To celebrate and memorialize the event, we brought in a dog whisperer to witness these two being reunited. Below is an unedited transcript of their first meeting. No cameras or cell phones were permitted in the secure interview “facility.”

Brynn (white fur): Claudine, I am sooo thrilled to see you again. I thought you were lost forever.

Claudine (brown fur): Me too. And I have a new nickname that foster mom gave me, Chloe, like the hot Kardashian. So, tell me about this place.

Brynn: You hit the jackpot, sista. We all have a personal chef, a nurse, a maintenance man, security, comfy beds everywhere, and caring bipeds.

Claudine: You look well fed. Good thing that bikini season has passed. Tell me about the food.

Brynn: You look like you have had a good season at the plate yourself! The dining fare here is amazing. We enjoy an entrée, real meat or fish du jour at both meals and Bulldog Happy Hour (BHH) every day. For low energy Bulldogs like us, the galley staff brings the appetizers to us. We get meat, cheese, even sweet morsels placed on your tongue. Imagine that! There are benefits to being a loving lazy lady senior. Also every serving is finished with a warm sauce of broth and pumpkin poured over our dinner bowls.

Claudine: Wow, sounds great, but wassup wid dese udda Bulldogs here?

Brynn: No worries, all is copacetic. The queen is a permanent resident and a benevolent camp canine commander and the others are foster pups, like us. The queen demands peace and serenity, so she has tossed out a trouble maker or two on their doggy butts faster than a double dribble by Basketball Jones. We all get along and form our own dog pack. You will gain acceptance in no time.

Claudine: Well, good behavior and manners are no problems for the two of us. What is the love sichiation?

Brynn: Love is in the air here. We are cherished as family members so that we are fully ready to be happy adoptees when the right furever family finds us. Any adoptive family must meet or exceed the standards to which we have become accustomed.

Claudine: What about fun. What do you do in your spare time and on your day off?

Brynn: Listen up, girlfriend. At our age and health, we are more interested in peace and happiness, security and care, and of course, five star meals in the main Bulldog dining salon. When young ‘uns visit here, they run around, tear up the place, tip over the trash, yadda, yadda. Foster Dad plays ball, tug-o-war, and other games with them. Some chew on shoes, furniture and engage in other naughty antics. We have already been there, done that and bought the T-shirt so now we can just lollygag around and enjoy life. What do you say we chew on some Benebones?

Claudine: Psst, can I share a secret? I heard that one foster family recently had two Bulldogs at their BBnB adopted by the same furever family. Dare we dream that it could happen to us? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Brynn: Well, we are both easy and wonderful dogs. We always do our business outside, follow house rules, and bring joy to everyone, fur and skin persuasion. We would be double the pleasure!

Claudine: All that is true, but some people pass on Bulldogs like us because we are 7 years old. On another paw, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue has many folks who treasure our ilk.

Brynn: Let’s put all this bother aside for the moment and get reacquainted. What do you say that we relax this weekend and enjoy a spa day next week? I know a place thar we can go where the groomers love us and foster dad pays them in cookies and sweets. He purloins some of that pastry and it finds its way to the dessert cart that comes by at some BHH.

Claudine: Pastry and a spa day? I am all in for that, girlfriend. Also, I heard about the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue Canine Chorale. How can I become a member? I have vocal talent.

Brynn: You betcha. The music director is a softie and encourages all of us, even those with squeaky or deep woofs. Ride with me to practice tonight and I will teach you the lyrics and melodies en route.

Claudine: Thanks, sista. This is gonna be just like old times. Glad to be here.

11/20/19 Update:  Miss Brynn here and girl am I excited for this joyous Thanksgiving and Christmas season.  We rescue Bullies are so thankful for our good fortune and equally hopeful for our fur ever futures, especially at this time of year.

I have already hung my stocking by the chimney with care in hopes that Santa Paws soon will be here.  It is a gas fireplace but Santa Paws carries magic keys if he must use doggie doors.

Do you value loyalty and security?  Check me out guarding the toad house on the pool apron.  If I do this for some of God’s lesser creatures, imagine how devoted I will be to you.

Our peeps have us snuggled in our comfy beds as visions of Benebones dance in our heads.  When what to our wondering eyes should appear but a fur ever family with intentions so dear. My life style is laid back and on chill.  I am as cool as cold on ice.  You could call me a “green dog” because I am always in energy conservation mode.

Here I am heading off to the Grub Burger Bar event last weekend.  What do you think of my ascot fine wear?  We two Bullies worked the crowd and wowed them!  Thanks to Shannon for caring about us.

I am fully restored and can pack up and move in as soon as we make the ideal connection.  And, consider a two-fer.  You can adopt me and faux fur sister Claudine.  We would be eternally grateful and you will eternally happy.

12/20/19 Update:  Brynn is spending her foster parents vacation time hanging out with us. This little girl just wants to be with her people. She gets excited when I come home from work and when I’m fixing her food. Otherwise she is as calm as the come. She is still working on some potty training. This girl has some deep wrinkles and needs a good face cleaning after she eats. She’s still a bit on the thin side but is gaining slowly. She does great with other dogs. She would be the perfect companion for someone who could give her the love she so desperately seeks. She would be a constant shadow.

12/31/19 Update:  Wow, I stayed a month at a different BBnB, where I became known for my casual attitude. Santa Paws was very busy this season, but I am certain he did not forget about me. We still have the Twelve Days of Christmas, and then Orthodox Christmas. Personally, I favor carrying the Christmas spirit all year long.

At this time of year, younger pups are popular for adoption. When folks settle back into the routine, maybe they will look for a gentle lover, like I.

My regular foster peeps brought me back home so I am easy to find when you want to meet me. Unfortunately, they brought their vacation language back with them. For instance, they now tell me, “Siéntate.” I know the hand signal for “sit,” so I just humor them. They also put my bowl down and say, “Come tu comida.” I feel like woofing, “Muéstrame la carne” but they do not understand Bulldog-speak. If you prefer a loving companion over a multilingual Bulldog, I am your girl.

3/23/20 Update:  Last week, I checked in for a checkup at the doc shop. A wonderful man transported five Bulldogs in a super luxury vehicle tagged “DOG UBER” – how rad is that?

I checked out in late October as a hospice case with a mass near my heart. Upon arriving at Chez Maison Ménard BBnB, I moped a bit until reuniting with my BFF, foster girl Claudine, in mid-November. Given the multiple stimuli of Claudine, good food, medical care (my peeps and dogtor engaged in telemedicine, way ahead of you bipeds), I rallied like the Patriots over the Falcons in Super Bowl LI overtime (any expression with a “bowl” in it gets my attention).

Doc’s X-rays showed that my tumor had shrunk, my esophagus moved back into proper place, and my energy level had risen. Though not a fashionista, my new cheek-ware may catch fire. Actually, it is a heating pad to reduce swelling from an ear infection. Doc gave me a shot, some antibiotics and ear drops. I am so much better and feeling more like myself again.

Despite the looming quarantines that worry you bipeds, we Bulldogs appear to be immune. Ergo, we all venture out for supervised chartered outings to the day spa, sans mask and gloves. Full body shampoo, hair grooming, nail trimming, ears, folds, and other parts cleaned… the works – what girl doesn’t love that!

Here is the deal with adoption. Claudine and I need to go together. Either one of us would fare poorly without the other. Many of our photos are of us together because this is how we live our days and nights. We know that it will take special hearts to give us senior gals a home. Your rewards will be Divinely inspired.

6/8/20 Update:  We want to report a major change in our nutrition tastings. Foster Dad must have had an epiphany. Instead of his usual haute cuisine servings, he gave us mac-n-cheese in our bowls. And not his usual chef quality, but the low-brow Kroger variety.

Yes, we dined on mushy pasty elbows and over-salted Velveeta fake cheese and it was “FABOLOUS!” The bacon bits added texture, but our interest was not in presentation. We did not know he knew about this menu choice. Uhm-uhm good.

After the repast, we headed to the she shed for digestion and relaxation. Usually, we are joint tenants, but tonight, we are alternate tenants. We are ever secure in our camaraderie. This security buoys us both. We are the epitome of happy dogs.