July 3, 2011

For our family member, Bud

We had to say goodbye to our four-legged friend on June 26, 2011. Unfortunately, his little body started to fail him and we had to put him down. It was by far the saddest day for our family ever.

But even though that was the worst day for us, the previous three and a half years have been absolutely AMAZING!!! We adopted him from your rescue in September 2008.  From day one, our lives changed. Little did we know it was his world, and we were just along for the ride. From the day we picked him up and brought him home, it was his castle. The first few months we had him where a little challenging. In that time, we found out we had a puppy with epilepsy.  After a couple nights at the 24-hour vet clinic, the great doctors there got his seizures under control with some meds.

From there, his days consisted of eating, sleeping, snoring and passing the worst gas possible! Then there was family time. As protector of the house, he made sure to make his rounds to everyone in the house and get some love. And if you didn’t pay attention to him, he would let you know it with the greatest growl ever! After he got enough of ear scratching and booty rubs and playing with toys, it was off to the hallway to keep an eye on everybody in whatever room we happened to be in. As the day would come to an end, it was bed time. Funniest thing ever is to see a 65 lb Bulldog try and sneak on a bed and go to sleep without anyone noticing. Sometimes I think he thought he operated in stealth mode.

When people came over it was the Bud show. Never in my life have I seen a dog grab hold of a room and work it like a Hollywood star! He just had that IT factor. Family and friends would ask about him all the time just to make sure he was doing OK. Thinking about it now, people were more concerned about him then us. Like I said earlier, he had people wrapped around his little paw.

Then there was his mommy, my wife. No way could you mess with her at all. If he even sensed she was sad, angry or upset, he was there to make it all better. And if he didn’t think she was ready for us to be around her, he would let you know it! Amazing how he could sense that about her. Truly priceless.

Bud,  I hope you know how loved you were and are to us. And even though you have left a void in our house and heart, all the wonderful memories of our time together are getting us through this difficult time. We all miss you greeting us at the door, begging for food from the table, water all over the floor by your water bowl, and your 6 a.m. wake-up call everyday to go outside. You have truly enriched our family for the better and taught us how to love unconditionally!  We all miss you, love you and we can’t wait to see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then have a blast doing what you do.

Daryle, Wendy, Sean, Courtney, Don, Lupe, Doug, Sherry, Jason, Melissa and anyone else whose life you touched!