Our hearts are broken to learn of the unexpected passing of alumnus Buster.

From his former foster momma: Buster went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His family said he was lethargic and not eating; they got him on antibiotics and he seemed to be getting back to his old, cheerful self. When they woke this morning, he had passed in his sleep. They are heartbroken. He was only 2. He had so much energy and was a wild man.

Please keep both his furever and foster families in your thoughts. It’s never easy when one of our dogs pass; it’s even harder when they leave us so early. Hug your babies tight. Buster, you were loved and will always be loved.

Buster has been adopted! From his foster momma: What an exciting week for Buster. Yesterday was his adoption day! His family came over to meet him Sunday. He was more excited than we have ever seen him. He jumped and twirled and kissed and leaped. When it was time to go to his forever home, he jumped in the truck, got on the driver’s side, and honked the horn twice! It was like he knew he was going home. We are so excited for you, Buster! Happy tails, big man.

Please welcome Buster to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. He’s a 62-pound boy surrendered to a local shelter. His owner said he did not get along with their cat, so they decided one had to go, and Buster drew the short straw. Stay tuned for more details on this boy.

10/25/216 Update:  When we first brought Buster home he was very excited and a bit of a bull in a china shop. As he settled in, he settled down. He’s the sweetest boy. Buster loves attention. He has the sweetest little face that makes it easy for him to get what he wants. Sunday he decided to sit at the kitchen table. A few minutes later he decided to stand on the kitchen table!! Now when he goes in the backyard, he stands in the patio table like the king is the hill! No cats in our house for Buster to get into it with though he and foster sister, Olive, have had a few unkind words. I have to consider that Olive has a few unkind words with every foster. So…. the common denominator.

He had a tail infection that was looking better until last night. We noticed a hot spot on his tail. We will keep treating it and hopefully it will be good a new in no time. If you want to meet Buster, come out to Bull-a-ween this Saturday!! He can’t decide on his costume but guarantees something spooky and/or adorable.

11/6/16 Update:  Oh, Buster! He is loaded with personality. This big man wants to be by his people and get lots of loving. He has a lot of energy and gets very excited when we come home. We are still working on not jumping up on people. I think Buster gets so excited he forgets. He calms down pretty quickly and then mostly follows us around the house to check out what’s going on. He loves playing with his foster sister, Olive. They had a few misunderstandings, but have seemed to clear the air. 

Buster LOVES to go bye-bye. He likes to go to the cars in the driveway and tries to figure out which one he wants to take today. This weekend, he even got in the neighbor’s car while she was trying get herself in the car. He was not that willing to leave, but finally excused himself and thanked her for nothing. LOL. What a jip. He just wanted to go for a ride. A couple of times, foster pops has driven him around the neighborhood just for fun! Buster is such a perfect boy. He would be a good only child or as a sibling. If you are interested if this amazing love bug, apply to adopt today.