Charlie Wayne

Charlie Wayne

Charlie Wayne entered rescue in poor condition and with a growth on his back end. But he also came with the sweetest disposition ever! He quickly endeared himself to everyone he met. The growth was removed, but we soon discovered cancer had spread throughout much of his abdomen. We chose to place him in hospice care and he remained a staple at the vet clinic.

He lasted much longer than anyone thought possible. Maybe it was the regular offers of chicken tenders and French fries? Taylor, a vet tech, took him home with her every day to make sure he received the best possible care 24/7. He would spend his day laying near the office’s front door and greeting all who came.

The last few weeks became increasingly hard on Charlie. He was losing weight, the tumor was growing and his belly was expanding. Last Friday, we decided today would be his last day. He had a full weekend and again received his chicken tenders and fries at lunch today. Before the staff left, they gathered around him to say their goodbyes and then helped him gracefully cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We thank Dr. Larsen and all their staff members for their commitment and undying love our dogs. As you can imagine, they are all taking this loss very hard today.

Please welcome Charlie Wayne to rescue.  CW is a good old country boy that seems to love the calmer things in life.  Unfortunately, like many others we get surrendered he has been passed from family to family. Thankfully, he never has ended up at a shelter.  CW has a few issues we need to address at the clinic this morning.  He has a mass on his bottom, left ear with narrow canal, and the typical eye issues. CW suspected to be 10yrs, but has a soul as sweet as they come. Once we loaded him up in the bully bus it took him all of a few minutes to lay down and enjoy the ride.  He came to the Meza foster home and blended in well with everyone.  Even though he is off to the clinic today; another foster family will be giving him the much care and attention he deserves.  CW is looking for a family that will cherish his good looks and companionship.  He is house trained and does great with other dogs.  Great things are awaiting you in rescue CW and can’t wait to see the grin you have when you finally have your furever home!

5/20/19 Update:  When Charlie first came, he had a large tumor that wrapped part-way around his anus. Dr. Larsen was able to remove it and it came back benign. But his x-rays at the time looked a little off with some things pushed aside. So he was scheduled for further x-rays. Friday they noticed his abdomen seemed swollen. He is a fairly long thin dog. By today it was very obvious. So they did x-rays again. There is significant change. It looks like a liver tumor and it is over twice the size it was. 

On a good note, he is eating, drinking, peeing and pooping normal. Doc is not sure how long this will last. Her recommendation is to take him off the available list. They want to keep him at the clinic so they can closely monitor him. There is a chance he may rupture, or if he becomes incapacitated, they will be there to do something immediately. They will keep us updated.