I did not adopt from you, but my story is genuine….

My Conan crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday April 19th.  Conan was the light of my life.  He was given to me when he was 3 from my friend that was a manager at Petco.  One of his clients could not afford his care.  My Aunt and Uncle always had bulldogs in their lives and they always made me smile. When my friend asked me if I wanted Conan, a poor 3 year old that could not produce tears in his eyes and had bad ear infections with hotspots, I could not say no.

When I first met him, it was love at first site for both of us. I never had an animal attach to me so fast.  He begged for love and care.  I immediatly took him to the vet and started treatment for the eyes and ears. His quality of life thrived and so did mine with the joy of knowing he was happy.

Over the past 6 years, I proudly took him everywhere with me, except on hot days.  He never barked, ran away, bit anyone, and always played great with other dogs.  I never had to use a Kennel or a leash.  He hung out in the garage with me and loved to sleep in the sun.  he never left the driveway, or my side, where he would sit and watch everyone drive or walk by.  He was the “mayor” of my street.  He loved to chew on his skateboard wheels and soccer ball. However, his ears and allergies were his enemy.  After years of fighting the infections and allergies, and actual ear surger, the ear infections got the best of him, and he was in more pain than i could stand. He was 9 years old.

The thing i will miss more is coming home from work and seeing him at the front door, wagging his butt, cause he had no tail, and rearing back and putting his front paws on my thighs and saying “raaaaaaaaaaaggggggggglllllllee raaaaggggglle”.  There was no other love as unconditional as Conan’s.  He brought so much joy to me, I will miss him more than anything!