Cool Whip (now Mick)

Cool Whip (now Mick)

Our deepest sympathy to Mick’s new mom and dad as he suddenly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We thank them form giving him such a wonderful life in the short time they had him. His mom stated: “Well, our little guy, Mick passed away last night. Appears to be a seizure or a stroke. We were so thankful for the little time we had with him. He was loved and he will always be in our hearts.”

We are thrilled to announce that Cool Whip has found the family he was always meant to have, and that family is ours!

Cool Whip joined rescue in July, and not a moment too soon. Cool Whip (or Mick, as he’ll be known from here on out), needed the help of Dr. Larsen and others to recover from a tough start in life. He had serious hematoma issues with both ears, eyes that would “gunk” over with mucus constantly, which made him blind and he was barely able to walk, with arthritis and sore pads making movement too painful for this little boy. Foster Dad had to carry him to the car when he came to our home a month ago.

Today, Mick joins sister Rigby, and brothers Otis, Phil and Diesel (all Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumni) permanently. We’re happy to report that, while Mick will never be the fastest Bulldog on the block, he’s motoring around the house under his own power. He’ll begin water treadmill therapy in the coming weeks to make that even easier. He’s seeing better too! This little boy is happy to follow Mom and Dad around, or hang out with the rest of our mellow pack.

While it took Mick a short time to figure out that he belonged, and was safe in our home, it was love at first sight on our end. Mick, like the rest of our little family, is not perfect but he’s perfect for us.

Today’s shelter pull required a wagon because poor Cool Whip was barely able to walk on his own. Cool Whip came to the shelter as part of a cruelty seizure case, and we’re so grateful that the shelter folks called on us to help… because this boy sure needs it.

Estimated to be about 6 years old, Cool Whip obviously has suffered from quite a bit of neglect. He has really bad ear infections ~ in fact, they are swollen shut. Both ears have had hematomas for a while. From a distance, his ears may look almost “inflated,” but they are very thick and hard. He has a few bare spots on his skin, and some type of tumor dangling from his belly.

Dr. Larsen has started him on antibiotics and will wait a week or so to let them take effect. They will then start on a dental, ear surgery, neuter, tumor removal (and whatever else shows up) treatment plan. We anticipate we’ll have to spread everything out over at least two operations.

Cool Whip weighs 66 pounds and is so gentle. He has a hard time walking and one back leg is very stiff. It could be from an old injury that was never repaired, so the vet clinic will do some X-rays on his hips and legs. There may be the need for an orthopedic consult. We’ll also start him on a joint supplement and a diet.

In the meantime, he will be enjoying his new life and waiting for that loving forever family he always wanted and deserved.

8/12/19 Update:   Several of you have asked for an update on foster boy Cool Whip! Here’s the scoop from our vet: Due to his eye issues (including ulcers), he’ll need to see the ophthalmologist. Pain meds are helping with his arthritis and medicated baths are helping his skin. His ears? Well, they’re still a work in progress. After confirming MRSA, the doctor will have to do another culture on them 8/21 to see if we’ve been able to kick it. Many thanks to our donors who have allowed us to pay this sweet boy’s vet bills. You are appreciated! ❤️