Courtney went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She’d been diagnosed with a narrowing of her trachea which is, of course, irreversible. Options to treat her symptoms were all we had, but yesterday, they just weren’t enough anymore to provide Courtney a good quality of life.

Most of you probably never knew her because, being the grumpy little thing that she was, she stayed home from the majority of our events. Cort-Cort, as I affectionately called her, had clearly had a hard life. She was found on the streets, and, as tiny and petite as she was, she somehow survived on her own. I simply cannot imagine what kind of life she knew before that. Based on her distrust of others and her tendency to lash out if handled, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that she had been abused. Poor Cort-Cort. I sometimes wondered what sort of dog she would have been had she known a different past. And love…had she known how it felt to be loved…what would she have been like then? I loved Cort-Cort in spite of how difficult she made it to do so. I say that with affection, but it feels bittersweet to do so as I had said that same thing jokingly so often in the past. She’d been with me just shy of one year. Her space, her crate and the cubby hole where it sat will be retired for now. I can’t imagine another dog in its place. No. It was Cort-Cort’s.

Anyway this eulogy is for Cort-Cort. For a tiny little girl who life dealt a raw deal. For a little bully who deserved better but who sadly represents so many who find their way to us. To me Cort-Cort is the face of so many. But she’s also the face of a petite little girl whose absence here will be felt terribly. I’ll miss you, Cort-Cort.

Please welcome Courtney to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! The 4-year-old was an owner surrender to a local shelter. She weighs 38 lbs and is high energy and super sweet. She’s off to the vet so she can receive medical care for her cherry eye and kennel cough. Fingers crossed, she’ll be heartworm negative.

8/16/16 Update:  Courtney would do best in a home without small children – preferably a home that has someone who can spend a lot of time with her. I really think she can be a good dog, but it’s going to take someone with patience. As soon as she hears the fridge open, she’s right there. She’s learned to go outside and potty, but still goes in the kennel at night. I’ve started picking up her water around 7. She is adjusting very well to her surroundings and her personality is starting to show. She’s a VERY sweet girl Ifłif she’s not snoring in the living room, she’s standing in the kitchen watching and waiting for someone to feed her. She goes potty outside, but has had a few accidents inside. She likes to go potty in the bushes not in the grass likes being around people and doesn’t mind her fur siblings at all.

8/21/16 Update:  Things are much better with Courtney this week.  Courtney and her feet licking has stopped and she and foster mom are doing great!

9/11/16 Update:  Poor Courtney came to us seemingly malnourished, but I’ve discovered she does love her kibble and has fattened up nicely.  She also has a tiny frame.  As her new foster, I’ve discovered she’s a quiet, independent girl who asks for the occasional loving.  I believe she unfortunately might have a bit of arthritis in her back, and I’m not sure her hearing is 100%.  Courtney and I are slowly working towards handling, such as cleaning those wrinkles.  She loves her walks, but doesn’t appear to be interested in toys.  Her new family will need to be patient as she does need her time to settle into a new home.  Courtney seems to enjoy her peace so her adoptive family would also need to be child-free.  She would be the perfect dog for someone who wishes to have a quiet, little companion.

10/1/16 Update:  Courtney remains a quiet, independent little girl. She’s very popular with my family. Each one has said that if they were to adopt one of my three fosters, it would be her. She’s quiet, grudgingly biddable, and gets along with the other two dogs. Courtney still awaits that perfect family.

11/13/16 Update:  Little Miss Courtney still awaits her furever home. She knows her family is out there somewhere and is beginning to worry that they don’t know where to find her.  Courtney remains an independent lady who cherishes her peace.  She’s very laid back and tolerant, but she doesn’t hesitate to let me know when her dinner time is and when she needs to go outside.  When her water bowl is empty, she will grumpily pick it up and lay it down in my view.  She’s clever, quiet, and appreciates a consistent routine.  She would make a great companion for a couple looking to adopt a low maintenance, steadfast companion.

12/4/16 Update:  We tried to convince her to sing “Jingle Bulls,” instead of “Jingle Bells,” but she wasn’t so hip on the idea. She’s a traditionalist.