As a foster, it is our mission to do what is best for all the pups that pass through our homes. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s not easy. At no fault of Cowgirls, she fought demons, so a decision had to be made. The decision was to help Cowgirl find peace, and on Tuesday she was surrounded by everyone who loved her as we helped her cross the rainbow bridge. We are not sure if her demons were brought on by her previous life or if she was born with her demons but just like people, sometimes they are just not wired right. Cowgirl did not have a mean bone in her body but certain things like the leash, a kennel, the gate, the dogs barking, the sound of setting the house alarm, the plastic treys in the kennel could trigger a fit. She would change, get agitated, get so worked up that you weren’t sure how she would keep going, and during her fit she could not control her mouth and would latch onto whatever was near her mouth, furniture, a kennel, a body part. There was no calming her, you just shut her door, left her alone, and let it run its course. She could toss an extra large wire kennel around like it was nothing. Sometimes the fits would last 10 minutes, sometimes hours. After the fit she was tired, worn out, and sometimes just sad. Cowgirl wanted attention so badly and she was loved as often as she would allow but sometimes if you pet her wrong it could send her into a fit. She was very friendly with the other pups but she had to be kept away from them for her safety. The other pups saw her fits as a threatening situation and they would go into protection mode so no matter how badly she wanted out with everyone she just could not be. Nothing we tried helped control her demons so all that was left was to help her across the rainbow bridge. Cowgirl is free of her demons!

Run, play, and be happy baby girl! Foster mom loves you very much!

When the call came in from the shelter, I was in shock. A 1-year-old Bulldog had been brought in to be euthanized. The shelter workers were in shock too. 

Covered in urine, with long nails, sores on her stomach and blisters on her feet, it was clear that this young dog had been neglected for a long time. But, she certainly didn’t deserve to die. (Maybe the surrendering owner does, though…. but I digress). 

When I got to the shelter, I could smell her before I saw her. The smell of urine was incredibly strong, even though the staff had already given her a bath. She was still wet and seemed like a feral cat. 

When I touched her, she shook. Her eyes darted back and forth. It was obvious that no had ever touched her in a nice way. 

The ride home was interesting. She preferred the floorboard to the seat, and the 6 inches under the seat was where she ended up. She didn’t fit, but she made it work and it gave her a sense of protection. 

Cowgirl has one eye that is covered with skin… like the skin from her lower lid is attached to the eye ball. That’s something we’ve never seen before. 

We were told Cowgirl was one pup from the owner’s litter of seven. He asked to have her ashes, but we’re still not sure why he would want to have her put down. 

I gave her another bath when we got home. More urine came off, but the stain is still there. 

In the coming days, she will learn to trust. She will have all her medical needs addressed and she will find the most amazing loving family. 

I named her Cowgirl because she has a wild spirit, but in the end, can be tamed. Thankfully, because the fabulous shelter doesn’t believe in euthanizing healthy dogs, Cowgirl will get to live, and grow up to be the beautiful Bulldog she was born to be. We’ll help her celebrate her 1st birthday on October 27. 

10/25/21 Update:  Cowgirl got the complete spa treatment this morning and feels like a new woman. She then went outside for some sun and fresh air. Slowly but surely, the sweet, fun-loving girl on the inside is coming out.

Cowgirl is very timid with strangers. She is not a fan of a leash, but the secret is to get down on her level, and she is much more relaxed.

12/29/21 Update:   Cowgirl checked out of the clinic and has made her way to Mays Manor. Cowgirl is young and is as spunky as spunky comes and has so much personality packed into such a tiny body. Cowgirl clearly has some trust issues and she is not a fan of change. Change brings on anxiety and anxiety brings on an upset stomach for this girl, but after just a short few weeks I think she is settling in. She has done great with all the pups she has met and as of now she is very submissive.

Cowgirl has a few quirks, but considering the life she had prior to rescue it could be worse and the love and care she received at the clinic shows just how resilient this little girl is. She is scared of a leash, whether you put it on her, another pup, or have it in your hand, she will growl and bark because to her it is scary. She is getting better with doorways and baby gates. Same thing, she will growl and bark because she thinks they are monsters. You have to handle her gently or she will get spooked and growl and bark because she takes it as you wanting to hurt her.  But handle her correctly and she is the sweetest most affectionate little nugget. She loves to give kisses and she loves to cuddle on the couch. It’s a little tricky getting her on the couch because she does not like for me to pick her up but once she is up there she is the best cuddler. Her zoomies are epic and usually end with her trying to eat one of the two kennels in the living room. 

Cowgirl does not know that she is supposed to potty outside. Luckily for me, she is 98% potty pad trained. The other 2% happens next to the pad. I put the potty pads on an old kennel trey (not in a kennel) and clean up is easy.

1/21/22 Update:  Cowgirl is just the sweetest little girl. She has a few obstacles to overcome before she might be ready for adoption, but she is doing her best to overcome them. 

She is a fearful pup that needs a little time to learn to be loved. I don’t think she has ever known a kind hand, so every pet and every movement toward her has to be slow. 

She is doing great with the pups and if you sit on the floor, she will ask for all kinds of loving. 

Cowgirl doesn’t know anything about being part of a family, so hopefully in time, we see this girl blossom and shine!