We are broken and devastated. Dan is gone.  Big Boy Dan, Dan the Doofus, Dan the Gentle Giant. He had a lot of nicknames, and he truly was a miracle. He was living on borrowed time from the day he was found on the side of the road with a man’s tie around his neck and nearly dead.

In four weeks, we saw him transform and we grew to love him so much. He gained weight. He overcome a respiratory infection. He was scheduled for his neuter the past two weeks, but it was postposed each time to be sure he was ready. Today was the day and his neuter went fine. His post-op went very normal. I saw him early this afternoon and he was still groggy, but trying to give me that big ol’ goofy grin.

Late this afternoon, when Dr. Larsen and her staff were near him, someone noticed he had suddenly slumped over. Everyone rushed to his side and to his aid. They gave him every medicine they had and tried every procedure they could for 30 minutes, but were unable to revive him.

His borrowed time ran out. That big hearted guy ran out of energy. The Rainbow Bridge was calling.

The clinic staff is devastated, as are we. But in his brief time with rescue, he brightened so many lives and created so much interest in rescue. Many people were following his progress, making donations for his care, and saying special prayers on his behalf. We certainly appreciate all that support. He has left a void in our lives as big as he was.

But he also reminds us that our mission is not done. There are many more Dans out there… abandoned by the side of the road and left to starve. We will rescue them in Dan’s memory and continue to fight the good fight.

Hold your furbabies close tonight.

Dan, you are missed more than you know.

Dan was found just a little while ago, dumped on a dead end road. He was laying on a old bedspread with a man’s tie as his leash. A farmer that was mowing a nearby pasture picked him up because he is to weak to walk. He is covered in ticks and fleas. Our volunteer Dianne named him Dan, after the man who found him. Keep fighting, Dan! You deserve to live.

Update on foster boy Dan from Dr. Larsen: He’s in terrible shape, but you are going to love this guy. I actually got a kiss from him yesterday, but he seems to be shut down emotionally. I don’t think he’s ever been inside or through a door. It took 30 minutes for our staff to patiently get him out and in yesterday. By the afternoon, he actually walked up the steps on his own. He’s a big boy… 81 pounds to be exact. He has a massive head and his paws are as big as my hands. The biggest feet you have ever seen. He will be 100 pounds once he’s healthy. He has entropion and will need to be neutered. His teeth are beautiful, so I’m estimating him to be about 3 years old.

5/20/18 Update:  He has been bathed, ears cleaned and packed with medicine and nails trimmed. Hopefully, that’s helping him feel a little more loved!

5/21/18 Update:  On Friday, he acted like he had never gone through a door or been inside a building. What a difference a few days of loving care makes! Today, he roamed through the clinic to see everyone and everything. He passed crates and sniffed and had no reaction. He went outside for a while to take care of business. Well, really, he took care of some of his business half way down the hall to the door! He stayed outside for a while and craved attention, as Dr. Larsen and I sat and petted him. When it was time to go inside, it was one quick trip around the yard to finish his business, up the steps, through the door and back to his kennel.

I knew he was a big boy, but I really had no idea until I saw him. His feet are almost as big as my hand. We are waiting for the results of more tests, but we did find out today that he is heartworm positive. Just a little bummed by that, but not surprised. If all goes well, he should be neutered next week and ready for a foster family in a couple of weeks.

6/5/18 Update:  Foster boy Dan is improving! Because he is so big and to protect him from kennel cough, the vet staff is keeping him in a ring off of radiology. Last night, he flipped it over and walked around the room and left some brown presents. 😆 Tonight, he will sleep in one of the small exam rooms! His bald spot on his back is looking better. The staff all love him and think he is a sweetheart. We’re hoping we can do his neuter next week.