Danny (now Reggie)

Danny (now Reggie)

Please lift up Reggie’s family in your thoughts, as he recently became one of their guardian angels. His mom writes: I adopted Reggie from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue in early 2016. His name was Danny and I changed that. He was a sweet, darling boy and such a great companion and pleasure to have in my life. Reggie passed on July 29. I am missing him something awful!

3/31/16 Update:   Danny has been adopted! He just left with his momma and is going to have the best life he’s ever known.  His momma is a veteran bulldog owner and had rescued a bulldog from Hurricane Ike.. She was owned by two cuties that have crossed the bridge and she’s ready to love on Danny! He will be going down to Houston and be an only baby but only for awhile. I do see a sister in his future!  Best wishes to Danny and his new momma!

Welcome our newest boy, Danny to Rescue! He is a very loveable, laid back 5 year old. He has an ear infection, an abscessed tooth and some skin issues that will be cared for during his initial check up at the clinic. Check back for regular updates on this great boy. Danny is also being treated for Heartworms and will have to stay quiet for the next 30 days.

3/22/16 Update:  Danny is on his third week of rest after heartworm treatment. I was concerned about his hearing initially, but that is not an issue. He hears me now and I believe the packing in his ears from infection was the culprit. I am beginning to see a little sparkle in his eyes. I don’t think Danny knows what it’s like to live in a house and to be loved. He is by my side at all times when he is not in his crate.

I cannot say that he is housebroken, but I think he is getting the idea and with a little more encouragement, he’ll have it down in no time. This guy is so sweet and has such a gentle spirit. He lays his head in my lap, looks up at me and my heart melts. Danny is still trying to believe that this new life of his is for real. I see his playful side, but because of his heartworm treatment, I have to intervene when he gets a bit too overworked. He doesn’t jump… he likes to play with babies and toys and loves to chew on a good bone! He has never tried to get on the furniture. He is loving to my grandbaby and even though he’s curious about the cat, I am not concerned that he would hurt him. I think there’s just so many things in the house that he’s never seen before. He even looks in the cabinets when I open them and has to have a look at whatever I am doing!

Danny will be a wonderful, loyal companion to some lucky family!