We received heartbreaking news this morning from Darla’s foster momma. Please lift the family up in your thoughts.

She writes: We lost Darla last night.   I can’t tell you all how devastated and heartbroken we are. They all hurt, but this one hurts differently.

Darla had been abandoned before joining our rescue. She didn’t feel well and with the help of Dr. Larsen  and our rescue crew, we figured it out.   

After a month or so of buying everything at Hollywood Feed- raw food, goats milk, different goats milk – she finally ate a little. Then, we had a couple bad episodes and Dr. Larsen figured out Darla had IBS or gastroenteritis.  

Her last month of life with us was amazing. She was full of pep. She would play with us and jogged all around the house exploring.

Watching her bloom into this spunky, sassy little lady made my heart burst. We loved her so much. Especially me, as it was us two gals against four boys in the house. 

I want her to be remembered. I thought we had some time left because she was so preppy. My heart is broken that she is gone.

Please take a moment to think of this sweet girl today. We are going to miss her so much I can’t put it into words.

I love you so much, Darla.

If age is only a number, then I find it strange that when I turned the magical double digits, I had to go.
My family said I was going on a trip… and then they dropped me off at the local shelter. I was excited to get to take a ride in the car, but not so excited when they told the shelter staff they were moving, and I could not go with them. After all, if they knew they were going to dump me, they could have at least given me a bath. They could have cleaned my ears, washed my face and tried to make me look like I was loved, at least once upon a time.
Not only do I have blood in my urine, I have blood in my poop. Am I going to live forever? Nope. But today, I am NOT going to die on a concrete shelter floor with no one wanting me.
When it is my time to cross the Rainbow Bridge, someone will hold my paw and I won’t die alone.
My name is Darla, I’m 10 years old and once upon a time, a long time ago… I had a loving home.

6/7/21 Update:  Darla, here, with my first real update. I needed a minute to get settled before checking in with everyone.

I have made huge strides since I first arrived at rescue and then to my foster home. My stomach was in a world of turmoil in the beginning and foster mom could hear it from across the room! I also was as stubborn as a mule about eating even though I needed to…. foster dad started cooking for me because he was worried. I think foster mom was rightfully envious of me as foster dad doesn’t cook that much!! How special and loved I felt!

I’m pleased to report, I have turned a corner! My stomach has settled and I will officially eat kibble, though foster mom still laces it with some special treats just to make sure I’ll eat it. It turns out, I actually love food in spite of my small frame of 37 lbs. This makes everyone in the house happy!

I can’t hear at all, but that’s OK. I can still see you coming and will reward you with a tail wag if I feel like it. I am a sweet girl and have a real pep in my step when I walk. I may be 10, but I walk better than all the other pups in this house. I bounce right along side foster mom on trips to the mailbox.

I also get along great with the aforementioned other pups in tHis house. I even share my bed sometimes.

That’s all for now but please enjoy the few pics I’ve attached as I enjoy this new “leash” on life!


6/21/21 Update: I’ve been seeing all these great updates and did not want to be left out!

My foster dad calls me “Googs” because of my big, googly eyes. When I stare at you with my big eyes, you can’t help but be mesmerized (and hopefully give me all the treats!). Check out my beautiful eyes in my pics… aren’t you, too, now under my spell?
I’m still working hard to recover from how badly I felt when I came into rescue. But my appetite is stellar and it turns out, I love to eat! My stomach is much calmer and now I’m working on my potty skills. I’m on some new meds that seem to be helping me with it and I’m pretty excited about that!
Foster parents took me for a ride in the car and I was calm and loved to feel the breeze in my face. I sat nicely in foster mom’s lap and everyone was pleased with my success!
7/5/21 Update: Foster Pops, you’re doing it all wrong. Move over and let me show you how to create an Excel spreadsheet. – foster girl Darla
7/20/21 Update:  Darla likes to sit and watch Wheel Of Fortune. Whenever there is a puzzle with the clue “What are you doing?”, she hopes the answer is “Finding a furever home.” Please help Darla take home the biggest prize of all… a furever family.
8/24/21 Update:  It’s been a while since you’ve seen a Darla update.  Darla was struggling with some gastroenteritis and wasn’t feeling very well.  We’ve been working with Dr Larsen to get her diet and meds just right.

Consequently, Darla is a brand new dog.   She is alert and playful!   She eats like a horse!   She trots around after us during food time and can’t wait to get her food.   She now sleeps in the bedroom with us and has no accidents.   She is really coming out of her shell and showing A LOT of personality.   She’s sassy and sweet and just the cutest little girl.   And man, I can’t resist those big old eyes.

9/13/21 Update:  Truth: Darla is the sweetest dog.   

Since her stomach issues have been treated, Darla has shown to be a wonderful, sweet, loyal and fun companion.   

She trails me around the house and stands right next to her fur foster brothers, like she owns the joint.   

She goes outside for potty and has graduated to sleeping in the main bedroom with us at night. She loves it.  

She can’t hear worth a lick, but she has learned quickly. After night time potty, she runs to the bedroom to curl up in her little bed in the corner.

She eats with gusto and grabs at her treats, like she’s never known stomach issues.  

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch her growth. She really trusts both her foster mom and dad and loves to sit next to us or on us (!) on the couch.  

She doesn’t chew anything and just likes to explore the house. She still has a lot of energy and spunk. Sometimes, she even wants to play!

Put your application and maybe you’ll get matched to this sweet girl who defied the odds and found a second chance to live her best life!