Please hug your babies a little tighter tonight in honor of alumnus Gronkle (formerly Deacon). He’s guarding his beloved family from above now.

His family writes: A few days ago, we made the difficult, but best decision for Gronkle (foster name Deacon) and helped him to the Rainbow Bridge. He had been slowing down the last several months (not that he was ever a marathon runner to begin with), acupuncture for his arthritis was helping less and less each time, and earlier this week, his breathing became labored and he was restless. We learned he had a large tumor on his heart and was in right-sided heart failure. Knowing that he was struggling and our treatment options were extremely limited, very invasive, and with a poor prognosis, we loaded him up on cheeseburgers and fries and he spent his last day snuggling with his family.

Gronkle was a sweet, old soul. We brought him home after Bull-O-Ween in 2016, and he quickly adapted to hanging out on the couch. He loved “his kids,” and rarely left our toddler’s side from the day she was born. On nice days, he enjoyed walks in his wagon and hanging out in the backyard, sitting in the shade in front of his cooling mister while watching our son and daughter play.

We are heartbroken and miss our Gronkle terribly. His pug brother is a bit lost and keeps searching for his partner in crime, but we know he’s no longer in pain. Thank you for choosing us to be Gronkle’s furever family. He was, in my son’s words, “the best dog ever.”

Deacon has been adopted! From his foster momma: This Foster Ma is very proud of this little nugget. Deacon found the perfect family to call his own, and I know he will never want for nothing. Deacon came to us not knowing what love was, and now I know without a doubt he will experience a love he has never had before. His forever Mama told me last night his skin brother asked her before they adopted Deacon if he could have a bed partner again. After Deacon and him met, I knew Deacon had hit the jackpot, and would soon have a BFF that he can cuddle and play with. This little guy deserves the world, and I truly think he found his little piece of heaven. His forever Mama sent us an update saying they made it home safely and, Deacon was up early to start playing and cuddling. Makes this Foster Ma proud! Good Luck sweet guy, and we wish you and your new family much love and happiness!

Please welcome 6-year-old Deacon to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Please stay tuned for more details about this owner surrender.

10/1/16 Update:  Deacon was neutered, had entropion surgery on one eye and was a star at the Purple Paw Project event yesterday! Deacon has never met a stranger and probably wouldn’t know what to do if a dog tried to pick on him… and he’s as cute as they come.

10/16/16 Update:  This little guy is such a sweetheart, but we have a lot to learn. We are working on potty training, and how to eat and drink. I know that sounds silly, but he would rather play in it, than eat or drink. He is starving for attention, and just wants to be loved. He has definitely made huge strides in trusting us. The first week he came to our home, he would not even come out of his kennel. It took a lot of treats and love to make him come out. Now, he loves to run out and greet you and hang out with us outside or in the living room. His manners are bad, but we will get there. He gets along great with other dogs, and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. This sweet little guy was never treated like a family member, or loved as one. With a little TLC, he will make a great family member to someone who just wants a cuddle buddy and life-long friend.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we rescue. This baby came to us scared and was terrified of me. Last night, he kept trying to jump up on the couch with me. Chris put him up here with me and he melted in my lap. This makes this foster mom’s heart happy! P.S. Sorry about all the laundry… after the day I had, I gave up!