DeDe Delaney

DeDe Delaney

Yesterday the lives of adoptive parents Kayleen and Dan were forever changed as God took their sweet Dee Dee home with Him.  Since being diagnosed with inoperable lymphoma a few months back, they have known this day would come, but desperately hoped it never would.  They concentrated on making her last months her very best with jeep and wagon rides, In & Out Burgers and fried eggs!  Dee was the light of their lives and left this world knowing unconditionally the kind of love that knows no end.  She brought smiles to all who met her with her silliness and priceless facial expressions, but her true gift was also imparting a feeling of joy and peace.  You could just feel it in her presence.  She was such a special girl and to say she will be missed is a tremendous understatement.  Dee was a clown, a princess and a psychologist all rolled into one!  Her precious parents and their daughter, Kalli, were all there to help her cross the bridge and become whole again.  Please join me in wrapping my arms around this family whose hearts are hurting today.  May they find peace and happiness in their memories of this amazing girl.  These are some of their favorite pics they wanted to share of Dee.  Fly high little one!  It was an honor to foster and love you.

Sunday was a beautiful fall day and a beautiful new beginning for our DeDe Delaney as she found her forever home in Canyon Lake, Texas with an amazing couple, Kayleen and Dan, and their family who all love her to pieces!  A road trip to Waco took Dee to her new mom and dad, and after her official adoption in the La Quinta parking lot in a gale force wind, she was off to her new life in the country!  Dede had quite the welcoming committee – her two new fur sisters, Torey the Chiweenie and Tess the Chihuahua who are still trying to figure out what exactly she is, but who hopefully will soon all be the best of friends. Grandma & Grandpa were there too, along with her beautiful new human sis, Kalli, who is a college student and loves bullies!  Dee totally enjoyed her first day “home” and wiggled, pranced and charmed everyone with her own brand of sunshine.  She went to sleep happy and exhausted in her enormous new crate full of soft cushy things made by her new momma, dreaming of her future life – loved by this precious family, safe, sound and never lost and alone again.  Her adventures will be great among the hill country beauty and wildlife and her life full of love, treats, car rides and an over-abundance of petting time.  Happy trails my little DeDe Delaney!  Your world will be nothing less than perfect now!  Just like you!

Please welcome Delaney to our rescue family. Coming from a shelter as a stray but never claimed, Delaney now thinks she has hit the Bulldog lottery! She now will know nothing but love. Her vision is questionable. Is it dry eye? Or is it blindness? Or are her lashes rubbing her corneas? Her vet check will give us more answers. The shelter estimates her to be 10-12 years old, but we think she is much younger. She’s probably just the result of hard living and neglect. But we will do all we can to turn that around.

6/12/17 Update:  My name is Delaney, but my foster mom & dad like to call me DeDe. They told me this is my big introduction to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and all their peeps so that I can find a new home to call my own, but I must say that I really like it here, especially my foster dad! I LOVE HIM! He is my favorite person in the world and he takes really good care of me. I am a Daddy’s Girl and I follow him everywhere and whine when I cannot find him. My eyes were not so good when I came, but doc gave me the hook up and now I can see better each day. I do NOT like my eye drops, but the foster parents hold me and talk nice to me until I quit being a squirmy wormy and let them put them in. I am better with my ear meds, as I like to have my ears rubbed. It feels good!

The foster parents say there is not ONE SINGLE THING about me that is not ALL GOOD! I am a GOOD GIRL inside and out, they say. I am housebroken and go to the door when I need out. I eat all my food like a champ. I get along with all my foster bros and sisters, even though some of them are still giving me the cold shoulder. I still like them and will keep giving a chance to get to know me. I think the pug is coming aound……..
and the old guy, Teddy, likes me! He really does! I am soft and sweet and love to give kisses and get belly rubs. I have my own room here with a real bed and a fluffy dog bed, but I like the real bed and would love to have one to share with my new family. Hint, hint! I do not jump or get on the furniture unless invited. I just wait patiently by foster dad’s feet until he is ready to get up. He says I am the BEST and will make my new family very happy. I love to go for walks and am perfect at it. I do not pull or try to run. I love to walk slow and nice right by your leg. By the way, I am not as old as they thought I was at first. The foster parents think I am about 6 years old. I’ve just had a hard time for a while and looked and felt like a hot mess. I feel GREAT now and am ready to make everyone happy with my sunny, sweet personality. I just love to make the foster parents smile and show them how sweet and pretty I am! I would love to do that for you too! I will be waiting.

6/20/17 Update:  Delaney reporting in. . . I have had a GREAT week in my foster home!  I showed the fosters just how independent I am — I busted out of my cushy bedroom and pleaded my case to stay out with the general population.  I won, of course!  All I had to do was lay in the floor and wiggle to get my way!  It’s all in how you work it folks!   Now, I have the run of the house and get to pick and choose which couch I sleep on.  I have made friends with the old guy, Teddy, and we like to hang out together on “my” couch.  I even like to eat on “my” couch!  We had lots of company come over this past week and I got to meet everyone!  It was such fun!  I like all people and kids big and small.  I even like the cat!  I am sweet and gentle with everyone and they all loved me!  I have even decided to be good for my eye drops — ‘cos I get a treat afterwards!  Yum!  I like hanging out and relaxing.  Who doesn’t like a good nap on a hot summer day?  I love car rides and I especially love walks!  Foster Dad loves when I prance and wiggle when I see my leash.  He will take a video for your viewing pleasure this week so you can all see how cute I am.  Until then, remember me, Delaney, the best bully girl EVER!

7/1/17 Update:  Miss Delaney Dede Bug continues to settle in and make all our grumpy old boy Bulldogs her friends. She has become a full-fledged member of the pack and just floats around from room to room and does what she pleases. She presents no problems for any of them and has totally won them over. She is sweet and gentle and so very happy. She likes nothing more than good food, lots of naps and some buddies to hang with. She is still timid sometimes when we approach her and will drop to the floor in submission, but she is learning to trust and receive love from us. She is warming up to all the petting and loving we inflict upon her and will even let me kiss her now without turning her head! Ha! She has learned to take her eye drops like a pro and she can see so much better. She is a quiet little ninja, except for the back feet scruffing, so we always know when she is coming. She loves going for her walks with foster dad and greeting us when we come home from work. She just wiggles from end to end with happiness. She doesn’t seem interested in toys or bones yet, but maybe in time. Her coat is improving and the flea bite areas are disappearing. She is going to be full-coated and fluffy and so very soft. She also has the most curious habit – she grooms her face by licking her back foot and wiping her face – just like a cat! She does this daily and it cracks me up – I am just not quick enough to get it on video! All in all, this little sweetie pie is just a gentle soul with the heart of an angel. She will make someone or some family very happy one day soon!

8/22/17 Update:  Hi ya’ll! It’s me, DeDe DELANEY. Foster mom insists on calling me DeDe DotDot Delaney. She thinks she is funny. I think she is silly. Things have been going great for me in my foster home. I LOVE to eat and they’ve got good chow and lots of yummy treats here. I have gained weight and my hair is so fluffy and shiny. I also LOVE baths, especially outdoor baths… they feel really good! I like being clean and pretty, unlike my foster brothers who like to be stinky and dirty and hate baths. Boys, ugh! I have also perfected the art of table begging by gently tapping the foster parent’s leg and looking up adoringly at them. I am so perfect and pretty, that they always give me a bite of something! Heehee… works every time! My favorite things to do are to go for walks with the foster pops and go for rides in the car! I like to go places and be told how pretty I am. I am sweet and calm and get along with all my foster bros, and I like Dixie the cat, too. I am housetrained and will go to the door and wait patiently when I need to go out. I like to wiggle my pretty booty when I get to go out and do my happy dance. It makes my foster parents laugh! All in all, the foster parents say I am perfect. I say “Well, of course.” If you are looking for the prettiest and most perfect Bulldog girl, then you should check me out: DeDe Delaney! In the meantime, I will be taking a nap. I do need my beauty rest to look my best, you know. Hope to see you soon!

9/5/17 Update:  Hello All!  DeDe Delaney here!  I only have a minute as foster mom is super busy at work and said she didn’t have time for me to rattle on about how pretty and perfect I am.  Pffft!  How very rude!  This week I want to let you know that I am a very good Home Depot shopper and met lots of nice people who petted me and told me how pretty and perfect I was (take that foster mom!).  I did an excellent job helping the FP’s pick out some wood.  I have no idea why they need it, but I picked it out.  It was the prettiest and most perfect piece (hehe!).  Then I went home and took a long nap.  That’s mostly what us bullies like to do, nap.  It’s awesome and helps me be pretty and perfect J.  Foster mom says she can’t believe I am not already adopted!  I am housetrained, walk like a sweet girl, eat all my food (and have learned not to eat out of bowls that are not mine), take my eye med like a pro (I don’t mind ‘cos they help me see better), sleep all night and just be the best girl ever.  I don’t jump on children and I am nice to them even if they pull my ears and hair.  I love men the most, especially my foster dad!  He is the bestest!  I am not crazy and zoomy, I have better manners than that.  I am quiet and calm, like a pretty perfect southern belle should be.  I will lay by your feet and be content.  Oh yes, I can also pick out wood!  That must be good for something!  J  Bye for now…… XOXO, DeDe Delaney

9/26/17 Update:  DeDe Delaney here with some REALLY BIG news! I have a meet and greet on October 14 with a great couple that have chiweenies – whatever those are! They are in love with me (seriously, who isn’t?) and are very excited about meeting me, and……..if all goes well with the chiweenies, I may have my own forever home! My foster parents are the BEST, but a girl needs her own home, you know? So, wish me well as I spend the next couple of weeks getting even more beautiful for my meet and greet!  XOXO,  DeDe Delaney

10/8/17 Update:  Little Miss DeDe Delaney has been so excited this past week that she has been out rolling for joy in the grass! Her meet and greet is coming up this Saturday and she can hardly contain herself! Every time we open the door, she heads straight for the car door and is ready to go. But nope, our feelings are not hurt! We are so happy for this precious girl to have a family of her own to love and love her in return. She has come such a long way in the four months we have fostered her. She was such a sad little girl with her head always hanging low, but now she tilts her chin up! She is plump, beautiful and confident, instead of timid, skinny and afraid. We love this sweetheart and can’t wait to see what Saturday brings……hopefully it’s Miss Dede’s new family! All paws crossed!