It is with great sadness for all of rescue and her parents, Winnie and Mike, that we announce that sweet Diamond crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night following a sudden and unexpected heart attack. She will be sorely missed!

Diamond has been adopted!! Diamond has been adopted! From her foster family: Diamond had her suitcase packed with her blankies, toys and her fancy P Dawg Accessories for Bulldogs collar and leash. She was ready to start the beginning of the rest of her life with her furever family. Mike and Winnie, along with their grandson, adopted Diamond Saturday. Winnie was so happy to get this special girl. Diamond greeted Winnie and Mike as if she had known them forever, wagging her nubby little tail. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the joy in both adopter and adoptee. This once discarded little girl has hit the jackpot with this family. She has a great place in the country and a fur sister and skin siblings. Diamond fell in love with Winnie and Mike’s grandson. Winnie sent an update Saturday evening. She said Diamond walked around the house, then followed Winnie’s son to the guesthouse and visited a bit before going back to her house for more exploring. I will miss this girl, but am so happy she will have such a loving home.

New to rescue is Diamond (3/25/16)  Diamond had puppies, still has milk, was covered in fleas, both ears infected,  scares all over her head and was dumped to die or was able to run away from where ever she lived. Diamond is young,  won’t stop scratching her stomach , but seems as sweet and thankful as any bulldog in the world would be. No C-section scare. Bless her heart! Headed to the clinic on Monday!

3/28/16 Update:  Diamond has two jobs today in her foster home: catching crumbs and napping. She likes both. Diamond knows the “sit” command and that the puppy potty is outdoors. She went to bed in her kennel last night and snoozed through the night.

She is a bit shy, but wags her little nubby tail for anyone who might give her some love. The neglect this girl shows is hard to look at, but she enjoys her good meals and treats. This Diamond will soon sparkle!

4/4/16 Update:  Prayers and good thoughts are needed for foster girl Diamond… and her two new daughters, who arrived to our surprise this morning! Diamond was not acting quite right this morning so her foster momma rushed her to Dr. W’s, where she ended up undergoing an emergency C-section and spay.

As you’ll recall, Diamond came to us as a stray nine days ago and we knew nothing of her past. We were holding off on her spay because we wanted to make sure she was healthier… and that delay may have saved these babies’ lives. However, these little ones are not out of the woods yet. Newborn Bulldogs are very fragile and will need 24/7 care. We’d appreciate all the good vibes they can get.

**Applications are not being considered for these babies yet. Our focus right now is solely on their survival and progress.**

4/5/16 Update:  Diamond’s brown and white baby passed at 1:33 a.m. Please continue to pray for the remaining pup. She needs all the strength and love she can get.

4/6/16 Update:  Diamond is doing well after her surgery. She was glad to see she still gets salmon in her food and homemade treats. She goes out to potty, but comes right back in to be with her baby. Last night was a long night. Foster mom slept (though much interrupted sleep) by Diamond and her baby. Neither mama, nor baby wanted to be separated at any point so it was pretty much up and down for all of us. Diamond loves this pup so much… probably the only thing that she has ever had to call her own. Please pray this baby thrives.

4/10/16 Update:  Diamond is such a good mother. She can hardly stand for her baby to be out of sight. Diamond is eating three meals a day. Her skin is looking much better. I cannot wait for her fur to fill in. Grace is feeding every two hours. Her schedule will change as she gets older, but for now, my phone is set to notify me at 12, 2, 4, and 6. Grace is almost 20 ounces now. We feel it’s still best to take this one day at a time.

4/15/16 Update:  Baby Grace is opening her eyes. She will start seeing the world soon. She spreads out her tiny paws when nursing. One paw is pink. The other has dots on it.

4/16/16 Update:  Please keep Diamond in your thoughts and prayers. Diamond has mastitis in one of her teats and her foster pops is on his way to the clinic to pick up medication for Diamond. Diamond is a real trouper, never complaining, only loving on her baby Grace.

4/17/16 Update:  Diamond had a long night last night, as her mastitis was bothering her. Grace nursed more frequently, so as not to tire Diamond and further irritate the sore teat. Grace is starting to open her eyes and fuss when she is put back in her warm box. Grace is becoming social. Diamond started her meds this morning and ate a great breakfast. Diamond had her first post-surgical bath this morning and she thinks she just looks so beautiful. Heartbreaking to feell every bone in her body when bathing her, but once her pup is weaned those four meals a day will have her plumped up in no time. She also enjoyed her very first blow dry. Please keep these two in your prayers.

4/18/16 Update:  Diamond is better this morning, thanks to Dr. W and his staff. Baby Grace is giving mama a good morning kiss. The sock is part of the obstacle course for the baby to strengthen her muscles