Heaven gained another angel yesterday … foster kid Dino. He was acting totally different at the vet’s office yesterday and it was obvious he was not feeling well. He normally barks all day long, but he was not barking at all. When the staff took him out of the kennel, it was obvious he was in pain. His belly was quite distended. He cried in pain when you pressed on his abdomen and was running a 103 fever. His back was significantly bowed.

The staff took additional X-rays, and there was significant change from when he first arrived. What Dr. Larsen thought could be a possible mass just three weeks ago, was now three times larger and pushing upward, causing his spine to bow. He didn’t appear to be losing blood, but his gums were very dark red, which normally is a sign of toxicity building up in the system. Dr. Larsen believed the dramatic change from yesterday to today was a sign that the tumor had ruptured. He could no longer walk and it was obvious his health was deteriorating rapidly, so we had to make the painful decision to let him go.

We love you, Dino. We’re so sorry we didn’t have more time with you, but we’re glad you were surrounded by our family when you left this world for the Bridge.

Dino (as in Dinosaur) was a shelter pickup, so we don’t know about his past. What we do know is he is super sweet and friendly with everyone he has met. He likes dogs and people of all ages. He loves to be near you and get your attention.

Dino was covered with fleas and had some bad spots on his skin. His bottom looks like he has been rubbing it across concrete. He has a small fatty tumor on his belly and an inverted tail, which is a mess and will most likely require surgery. But his eyes, ears and teeth look surprisingly good. He is around 5 years old and is already neutered.

He will be at the vet clinic for a short time and off to his foster home for a more extensive evaluation. But right now, we just think he is a treasure!

We want to thank our supporter Wendy for her help in getting Dino. When we notified her that Dino was in a shelter near her, she dropped everything and went to claim him. She got him Friday and took him home for the weekend, where he enjoyed the full spa treatment. Thank you!